Best Valentines Song?


Ok guys, so has $2 free MP3’s if you send them as a valentines gift with promotional code VDAYMP3S

I’m wanting to send my best friend a song, nothing really romantic, just a gag song :stuck_out_tongue:

Any reccomendations? She sent me a link to youtube before of Divinyls - I Touch Myself as a gag. I dont think she has the MP3 for it, so I was considering that one.


anything 2 live crew




“Put it In Her Mouth” - Akinyele? Or how 'bout his ode to 3-ways simply titled “Three”?




As I see it.


You got to learn the smang it dance



[media=youtube]o70r3j34n18&feature=related"]Either this [URL=“”[/media]



or this



I Touch Myself seems like a good choice then, but here’s some other songs just because I, like everyone, like to namedrop songs:

Lovey-dovey: [media=youtube]KOdEjlvFem0"[/media]
Sexy/Jokey: [media=youtube]XTg7V3JpAJ8"[/media]
Unsettling: Athamay - Kiss The Whip :confused:


I dont have sound at work, but I so gotta listen to Athamay - Kiss The Whip. She’s totally into bondage-y type stuff, so this might be my gag song choice. Depends now…I still have to listen to it.



The anthem…


That wasn’t really a serious suggestion, but here it is at least lol






Hands down classic




I wanna talk to you about forbidden pleasures of the flesh
The most thrilling satisfaction for all mankind
Better than everything you ever imagined in your wildest dreams

The secret of the crablouse

Here’s a message for the girls about vaginas
And the consequence of fiddling with a partner
Mind your labia they’re never out of danger
If you’re gonna go to bed with a stranger
Creatures might be hidden in his pubic area
It’s the crablouse that’s out to get ya!
It’s gonna grab you by the pubic hair
Shake your pussy wen the bastard’s there

It’s there to stay, sucks all day
It’s there to bite, my parasite

The little vampire, horny and so greedy
It doesn’t care about a penis and it’s envy
It’s intelligent, nasty and it’s sick
A party animal, a pervert and a pig
If a crablouse gets mixed up in your saliva
Stumbles through your body right into your vulva
Then waits patiently until a penetration
Gets it out of there and right into salvation

It’s there to stay, sucks all day
It’s there to bite, my parasite

Now we know the little crablouse is a raver
You can’t get rid of it unless you use a razor
It’s unbearable, funky and so cool
A real smartass and nobody’s fool
If you meet a guy who’s scratching at his totem
We all know that it’s connected with his scrotum
He might tell you that his undie is too tight
But you’ll know that it’s the crablouse and you’re right

It’s there to stay, sucks all day
It’s there to bite, my parasite
My love machine, my maddest dream
Turns me on, makes me come


Nothing says Valentines day quite like crabs.







the 2 Live Crew suggestions made me laugh.