Best version of Darkstalkers?

With all these different compilations of Darkstalkers I’m really not sure which is the best one to get. I have a Dreamcast and PS2, and access to a Saturn. I’m a fan of the series (but I don’t own any of the games outside of roms) so I really would like to know what the best Darkstalkers game.

Thanks in advance.

Vampire Savior (aka Darkstalkers 3) is usually considered to be the best of the series, although many like the more “old-school” feel of Vampire Hunter (aka Night Warriors). In terms of compilations, the overwhelmingly best choice is the recent Darkstalkers Collection for PS2. It has all 5 of the original games, playable either in arcade-perfect renditions, or with various tweaks and options. If your PS2 is import-capable (collection is Japan-only, but the majority of the menu text is in English), this would probably be your best choice.

Curiously, what was so bad about VS2 that made people like VS1 over it? Was it the (strange) loss of certain characters?

I’m sort of curious if the DC Darkstalkers is any good. I’ve played it and it feels the same as the game the characters and engine are set to, but I’d like someone who knows more about this to maybe shed some light on if Vampire Chronicles is a decent peice of work or not.

vs2 is a bit slower paced with the tweaks,

and was released too early in japan(there was a VS1 tourney, so they didnt spend any time on vs2)… so it never stuck, and vs1 became the standard

VC messed with alota properties of the character… much like how SF:AE did with some.

some characters said to be perfect transitions from their original game are tweaked ever so slightly.

and the graphics are sloppy(from what I hear… I can tell)

There you go. The collection for PS2 is the best to get. All 5 games on one disc (though I’m usually playing Vampire Hunter).

The character loss, and a few odd changes, such as the Dark Force system being completely remade, and the loss of being able to do aerial chains, which were very effective parts of certain characters’ strategies in VS1.

I’m gonna have to go with Darkstalkers 3. here’s the breakdown!

  1. Darkstalkers 1-started it all
  2. Darkstalkers 2-OK
  3. Darkstalkers 3-The best…i think it was the first Capcom fighting game where u could edit characters.
  4. Darkstalkers Chronicle: wat was the point!

going a bit off topic, but…

felineki, do you still play VS on kallera?

darkstalkers 2 for saturn

My favorite was Vampire Savior on the Japanese Saturn. After you beat the game once you could turn the game’s dialog into English, maximum ownage for us American Saturn fans who had Sega pull out on us a bit too early.

Agreed. Definately the best console version of any DS game IMHO.

Cool. I didn’t know that it would do that.

Yeah, just hold L+R when you press start to go to extra options. You can even put the game in RGB, since it wasn’t initialy supported.

I love this on the saturn, although a training mode would be nice instead of tweaking the options and having to wait for the health bars to recover.

Heh, gotta love the ghetto “Versus Mode” on Saturn VS.

If you aren’t concened about arcade purity, then I too throw my weight behind the Saturn Vampire Saviour. It’s super arcade perfect (arcade perfect + missing characters from Vampire Hunter), and all text can be turned into english. Plus, you can’t beat the (JPN) Saturn controllers (unless you’re playing on sticks).

If you are concerned about arcade purity, then import PS2 DS collection is probably your best bet. I forget: Do any of the modified versions of DS in that collection have all the characters like Saturn Vampire Saviour or what?

As for which is the best version, even though I’m less familiar with it, I vote for Vampire Hunter over Vampire Saviour. Better round system, and all the characters are more interesting there than their watered down Vampire Saviour counterparts.

The PS2 Vampire has the extra characters as well from the Saturn version PLUS a new hidden character “Dee”. He’s a combo of Donovan and Demitri.

You have to beat the game one time with Marionette, and then go into arranged mode (Start the game while holding “select”). Highlight the “?” and press Start 9 times, then hit any attack button.

Yes. VS and VS2 both have all-character modes in the collection. And VH2 has a modified mode that includes all characters, but has the classic round system.