Best version of ST at home

How do you guys play ST at home? It seems like the realistic choices are as follows-

  1. Supergun/Arcade Cabinet - Perfect, but rare and is by far the most expensive option

  2. CCC2 - Inconsistent speeds, 4 frames of delay

  3. AE with ST Characters only - O.Sagat’s tiger shot recovery is incorrect, Claw’s wall dive input is incorrect.

  4. Emulator - Converter lag, emulator lag, other timing issues

  5. DC - Prone to breaking, converter lag if you have a PS2 stick

I’ve seen lots of people say that AE is garbage, but aside from the O.Sagat issue, I can’t seem to find any concrete reasons the game is a bad version of ST as long as only ST characters are picked.

I’m personally not really inclined to get a DC, so aside from that it seems that AE is the best option as long as nobody plays O.Sagat - or are there other issues with AE I’m not aware of?

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  1. Not so much so with NFBA. I think there is 0-1 frame lag. Talk to ‘brian’ about it. It is the way to play it, if you don’t want to go the supergun route.

  2. Wall dive only broken on origanl PS2 versions. Fixed on XBOX AE, and the Jpn KapKore collection/verison (this has all bugs and errors fixed, o’sagat has his fireball back).

Yeah, I play on nFBA all the time. 2DF and GGPO are where I get most of my practice in. I personally cant’ feel much difference between versions, but some people I know really dislike playing on emulator, and I’ve definitely seen evidence they don’t do as well on emulator as they do on console or arcade. So, when I play people in person, I generally play on AE instead.

I play AE on PS2. It’s far from perfect, but it is not horrible. I’d play the DC version, but my DC is broken. :frowning:

  1. having a cps2 and the rom of the game at home is the best option but not so common and easy to do…

  2. CCC2 yeah too much delay and also other problems for example gap in frame, in the saturn version sprite are bigger.

  3. AE has only this difference and i think is the best option to play at home, only the speed (this was not for the anniversary but for the old version, for the AE i have not yet tested) is a little bit different from game center.

  4. Emulator, yeah emulator, of course the lag, if not the input of course you have the internet lag, and then who say that the rom u download is exactly as the game center without any differences?

  5. DC, you can have the lag but also another big difference is that the sprite are strechted and littler than the game center. However the speed is exactly the same as game center.

I play at home the AE version. My opinion is that is the best.

I’ve got a SSF2X board and its one of the best purchases I’ve made in a while. I still end up playing GGPO a decent amount because theres only a handful of good players in my city, but its so much nicer on a cabinet

I go to Valle’s and play on his ST cabinet and eat all his food.

TGA ranbats in July for ST. GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!:woot:

Yeah, I was at the Ranbat last week. Great times, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.

I heard being full adds 2 frames of lag to your moves.

I play ggpo and just got AE (again) since it’s 360 compatible

A good converter will have 1 frame of lag at most, and nFBA only has about 1 frame as well, I believe.

DC and xbox AE for me.

Might consider a supergun for the hell of it. Any of you make/sell, leave a pm.

I play on the Japanese CapKore re-release of HSFII. This one has all the bugs fixed from the original AE port (as far as I know), except for ST characters not being to tech ST old characters’ throws.

Dreamcast, because it’s like 99% perfect and easier to get sticks for that won’t lag versus the PC emulators.

If you can’t go DC, then emulated is the way. If you can’t do that the Capkore version of AE is pretty good.

AE for the Xbox & the PS2

However i have heard that dreamcast version of super turbo has the sprites streched and littler so the hit boxes are not the same as the arcade.
Is only a voice, anyone has checked?

Apparently the hit boxes hit are just like the arcade.

Image stretching has nothing to do with the hit boxes being different. You can play arcade ST on an emulator and stretch the image to any size you like. It doesn’t change the hit boxes, only your perception of them.

I was talking about this

The size of the screen is slightly off (it’s a little too narrow), making the character sizes appear to be slightly too thin. There is no evidence to show that this affects gameplay in any way.

The Dreamcast version occasionally suffers from 1 frame of input lag (possibly more if you’re using a PSX->DC controller converter), though this is undetectable by most players.

During “Round 1/2/3, FIGHT!”, the game suffers from noticeable slowdown, regardless of the speed setting. In the arcade version, if you start counting from the moment the background becomes visible until the moment your can control your characters, the elapsed time is almost exactly two seconds. In the Dreamcast version, it’s almost exactly 3 seconds. This means you must slightly alter the timing of your opening attack.

In the arcade version, O.Chun can not control the strength of her reversal fireball. (The game “stores” the strength that you previously did.) This was corrected in the Dreamcast version. Strangely, T.Hawk and O.Dictator suffer from the same problem with reversal uppercut and reversal Devil’s Reverse, respectively. There is a DIP switch to correct O.Dictator’s, but T.Hawk’s remains in tact.

By default, there are a few other slight gameplay differences as well (such as Dhalsim/Ken/Sagat being able to reversal super), but aside from the above mentioned reversal glitches for Chun and Hawk, all of the tested and known differences can be corrected using the in-game DIP switches."*

and this

you tested something about input lag? Has the DC version a good training mode as the AE version?

Did you miss this part?

There is no evidence to show that this affects gameplay in any way.

IIRC NKI tested the input lag using a DC controller. (I mentioned it to him in his thread) The analog triggers have input lag versus the digitals inputs, hence the frame of input lag.

If you have a true digital stick for the DC, say Agetec green goblin stick, there probably won’t be any input lag beyond what is normal.

I’ve never really used the Ae training mode, but ST on the DC has your standard Capcom training mode.

:wgrin:No did not miss but the other face is that there is also no evidence that this does affect the gameplay, so in the doubt that can also affect i prefer the AE version revised. :wgrin: