Best version of ST at home

But AE is less like ST than the DC version. There are known flaws with AE. Even the Capkore versions (old characters throws cannot be teched) isn’t as good an ST version than the DC.

If you prefer AE out of personal preference thats fine. However it isn’t the best ST alternative out there.

+1 AE is only good for practicing a few chars. As a ST alternative, it has serious short comings.

What are the known flaws with AE? This is something that I’ve never gotten clear. The ones I know about are

  1. ST chars can’t tech Old char’s throws
  2. O.Sagat’s fireball recovery is nerfed (fixed in Capkore)
  3. Claw’s walldive input is incorrect (fixed in Capkore)

None of my friends play any old characters though, except for the very occasional O.Ken, and the walldive thing with Claw has not been a major issue. So given our circumstances, is there any reason not to play AE?

You pretty much nailed them there. Although I would guess there are other differences besides the obvious. (character sprites/hit boxes)

There is absolutely no reason not to play AE. It’s a good game in it’s own right but it is not a suitable ST port, which is the point of this thread.

I mean is there any reason to not play AE as a ST port, if you don’t play Old characters.

Isn’t CE Sagat just as good or better than O.Sagat?

Yes, because the music is so weird. :wgrin:

Just kidding. I don’t know of any more differences in AE besides Ken, Dhalsim, and Sagat being able to do reversal supers, and I thought I remember reading a way to turn that on/off in any case.

I voted emulator, by the way. :tup:

I will search more information however what i can see is that top japanese palayer suggest for practizing at home the AE version. I will get DC version in less than 3 days and then i will check the difference. What i can say about AE version and DC version is that the AE version speed is not the same as game center but a little bit different, the DC is exactly the same. I have to check only about that sprites streched

You have to know the dipswitch settings.

If you hold start while selecting ST mode, you can get the original arcade versions of the characters. e.g., Chun-Li can store her super again, Honda can store his oicho, Dhalsim/Ken/Sagat lose their reversal supers, etc.

Holding start will let you select the literal “Old” versions of the characters from the arcade ST. They are not the same as the “Super” character versions. I think what you just said was a typo from the official strategy guide if I remember right.

No, holding Start while selecting “Turbo” lets you select the arcade version of the character, with certain glitches unfixed - the important ones being Chun Li’s stored super and Honda’s stored super and ochio.

To select the ST Old characters, you hold Start while selecting Super.

Just to avoid any possible confusion over the typo: you have to hold start while selecting “SUPERT” (or “SUPERX” in the Japanese version) to get arcade ST characters.

“TURBO” is for the HF characters. Holding start while selecting it does not have any special effects.

Can someone explain to me what “Capkore” refers to?

It’s the Japanese budget re-release. Kind of like “Greatest Hits” here in the US.

AE’s biggest fault is that the game speed is actually sped up, as opposed to the arcade and DC speed’s which are sped up via frame skipping.

frame skipping is the actual way to speed up the game in the arcade, but when AE speeds up the game is maintains all the frames. this seriously fucks me up. I find I have to wait longer between inputs to get the timings I want. When I play ST on GGPO whether it’s speed 2 3 or 4, I can change my gameplay based on visual queues. However on AE the speed is theoretically close such that the absolute timing is relatively the same, however the visual queues are fucked to pieces.

for instance tick grabs seem to require much longer wait times than emulated ST.

How do people think Emulated is better than Supergun? LOL.

Its not that people think playing ST on an emulator is better then on a Supergun, the question being asked in the poll is which one do you actually play on. I dont think there is a person in the entire world that could argue how playing ST on an emulator is better then on a Supergun.

He’s better in some areas. Does more damage overall, plus his Tiger Knee can hop fireballs on reaction. Super really nerfed the knee in that respect, since he goes low at the start, putting his face right into the fireball you were trying to avoid in the first place.

After that, losing the ability to cancel anything but Jab/Short is small tradeoff.

Edit: I also voted Emulated, since even with the mistimed emulation making ST faster than it should be, it’s the most easily accessible.

haha, you’re right. I read wrong.