Best Versions of Classic Fighting Games


I wanted to compile a list of the Best Versions of the classic fighing games listed below. I know there are people that own a lot of systems and was curious to know which version is considered the best across the board.
Games like Street Fighter Alpha 3 & Capcom Vs SNk were released on 3 systems and re-released on that same system which is confusing.
Take a look at the list and leave your comments.

Capcom Vs SNK 2
*PS2, Dreamcast, Xbox, Gamecube, Neo Geo
-Which version has the best animation?
-Which is the most responsive?
-Which has the least glitches/infinites?
-Which has the most features?
-Which version is considered Arcade Perfect?

Marvel Vs Capcom 2
*Dreamcast, Xbox, PS2
*The Japanese Xbox version was able to go online
*Tourney’s still use the DC version, like Evo
-Who has better animation?
-Who has least glitches/infinites?
-Who has the most unlockables?
-Which version is considered Arcade Perfect?

Street Fighter Alpha 3
*Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2, Gameboy, PSP
-I wanna go with the Dreamcast but read reviews saying its not the best
-PSX version had polygons for hits instead of sprites
-Alpha Collection for the PS2 was missing the World Tour Mode
-Which version is considered Arcade Perfect?

**Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo/Street Fighter 2 Turbo X/Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix **
*So many versions/variations to list
*Street Fighter 2 Turbo X was Japan only and considered an upgrade from the original
-Does the Classic mode for HD Remix play just like the original SS2T?
-What version was used for Tournaments before the new SSF2THDR?
-Which version/variation is considered arcade perfect from the original SS2T released on the CPS2 Hardware?

Street Fighter 3:Third Strike
*Dreamcast, PS2 (US Version came in Anniversary Collection), Xbox
-Which version has the better graphics?
-Which version is more responsive?
-Which version has the least amount of glitchs?
-Which version was used in major tournaments?
-Which version is considered Arcade Perfect?


3s- PS2
ST- PS2 or HD
A3- PS2


Oh really and I i thought the Dreamcast had the best versions of the most of these games was the main reason I bought it a week ago


Yeah PS2 is most prefered for tournaments.


For the PS3 version of A3 is the Double Upper the one packaged in as a secret game mostly played?


I swear there is like 989475635840989 threads about this…


Since when was CvS2 released on the Neo Geo?


Capcom vs. SNK is a tie between Dreamcast and PS2. Evo actually used the Dreamcast version for a time. Both are nearly arcade perfect, but I believe the PS2 is a little faster than the arcade. I believe Dreamcast is 98% arcade perfect though.

PS2 is played more than the Dreacast version because PS2 version is domestic while Dreamcast was Japan only.

The XBox and Gamecube versions are not closo arcade perfect. Roll cancelling is removed, EO groove was added, as well as modifications to P groove. Not worth playing at all.

Marvel is easy. Dreamcast is the best version by far. Everything you can do in the arcade version, you can do n Dreamcast. Timing is the same and everything.

PS2 and XBox versions suffer from sound glitches, slowdown, and some input lag. Everything is different as well as timing on combos. Not preferred for practice. Though many believe if you must play any version, play PS2. Some believe otherwise. But neither compare to Dreamcast.

Alpha 3. Alpha 3 unforunately does not have a huge tourney scene anymore. And throughout it’s span serious tournaments were always done on arcade cabinet. Final Round, the last major safe haven for Alpha 3 still runs it on cabinet.

If you must play on console, then the PS2 version is the best. Pretty much arcade perfect. It was released around 2005 or 2006 so it was a day late and a dollar short. But most console tournies run this version, those that still play the game.

PS1 version was considered a good practice version of thee game. It still had many things in the arcade, but included console exclusive characters.

Dreamcast version was a port of Alpha 3 Upper. Not only does it include new characters, but feature major gameplay changes. Due t the fact that tournies were still arcade based, many did not take this version seriously.

Third Strike has similar controversy to Alpha 3. But Third Strike was worse. For years the only version of Third Strike available on console was the Dreamcast version. This was not arcade perfect. It was a port of version B which was not widely available in arcades. As a result tournaments were always run on version A. Dreamcast was not considered a legitimate version of the game.

In 2004 XBox and PS2 received ports of Third Strike. They were better than Dreamcast because they were ports of version A, which was still common in arcades. But both version had major speed changes, with Xbox running too slow and PS2 running too fast. Top players believed that these differences were enough to not take these versions seriously.

However major tournaments started running PS2 version regardless, and this became the console standard despite pleas that it wasn’t completely arcade perfect. The lack of Third Strike cabinets made PS2 the standard in American tourneys. Still some debate tht XBox mimics the arcade speed better.

Despite that so of the top Third Strike players refuse to play anything but the arcade version. Which has lead to some alienation of Third Strike at Evo.

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Well, since everything except ST has been covered, I’ll go through that then:

-There is no SF2X; it’s SSF2X, or just X as JP players call it.
-The classic mode in STHD does play just like ST on DC except for the visuals (you can get nasty upscaled, filtered sprites but are stuck with the HD interface, backgrounds, and some effects).
-For tourneys, after Evo switched to consoles, the -DC- version was first used (since folks thought it was the best version of the time), then the -PS1 SF Collection- version was used (since folks thought the DC version had major hitbox issues, which turned out to be false), then the -PS2 AE- (new at the time and a different game really), then the -PS2 CCC2- version (since folks thought it was a perfect emulation, which turned out to be false because there was input lag and too fast of a speed), and finally back to the -DC- version (which was proven to be the most accurate version around). And yes, that is a different version each year.
-As with any other fighting game port ever made, none of the ports are arcade perfect (BTW, ST was released on the CPS2). The DC version, once the dip switch options are unlocked and set to 1994/02/23, is the closest although it has some very minor aberrations as well as a squished resolution.


Thanks great input I tried searching for all this info but got bit and pieces here and there
Looks like the PS2 is coming out of retirement. I mainly bought the Dreamcast recently because I thought it had the best ports but it looks like for 1-2 games this is so


When people do Alpha 3 tournaments on SFAA do they use the original version or the one with like a million new characters?


They use the original or vanilla SFA3.


Dunno how up-to-date the first post is.


Just my $0.02: I had the PS2 version of MvC2. I was so excited to have it - I’d never even seen it before and a guy I knew let go of it for 20 bucks.

I tried to play it. TRIED to play it.

I sold that sucker on eBay for 98 dollars and snagged a Dreamcast for 40, never looked back. The DC version is the best out there for MvC.


Sorry the original Capcom Vs SNK was released on the Neo Geo


Holy shit, really? Damn. I never knew that. You must be on to something!


I have both versions I picked up a dreamcast a couple weeks ago and I havent had time to play MvC2 is the difference that notable or are the differences minor only recognizable by fanatics…?


You will notice.



SNK Vs Capcom: SVC Chaos was and it was shit.

Both CVS games were NAOMI based.