Best Vid Ever

Ok before you get pissed at the title, just watch the vid


then you sit here and tell me this isn’t the best vid ever.

That was badass.

nothing is what it seems 0_0

The part with Sylvia was kind of boring.

Although slightly ruined by that megaman remix that was awesome. The whole megaman section at the end had me loling. I can’t imagine how much time it must have taken t put that all together. Makes me want to start making awesome flash animations.

E. Honda buster is just too good :tup:

Top-tier. Fun watch.

that was fuckin great.

you can shinku through sword trap?


“OMG that’s becoming my avatar.”


shes to strong

Huh? I thought that remix was badass. I want the MP3.

Really nice vid.

Eff! That was aswesome!

it’s arguably one of the best.

that was crazy all the combos and stuff!!!
good video

i didnt believe it would be the best vid
until i saw it for myself

search for okkusenman on google and youtube

Loved the video.