Best Video Game Video Ever Youtube Illuminati Nicca'z

Hey Top Skoe Detroit Wesside and some others got some High level Xbox live fights on Youtube.

[media=youtube]_0CiV1VAEu4[/media] ( Top Skoe, won tournaments Too!!! been winning!!)




Do you go through thorough substance-abuse testing before making these videos?

If not then I applaud your unflappable arrogance and delusions of grandeur!

(Oh and Marvel sucks)

Never heard of you. You must suck.

Man your tv is so AWESOME!!! what is that? 13" magnovox??


OH SHIT VCR COMBO TOO!!! too fierce…

Harder to steal TVs than 360s it seems.

Your matches uncharacteristically slow paced compared to what I’ve seen in matchvids from proper tournaments.

If you guys really are the best, then why hasn’t anyone heard of you before except on these dumb-ass threads you Detroit loser keep making?

No disrespect to other players from The D, I’m just referring to these jokers that keep making these pointless threads.

I like this answer.

EDIT: damn man clean up your dirty place.

:rofl: Nice

whoa whoa whoa, a SAGAT player talking about how easy it is to win with ZANGIEF!?!?!?!?! Get the fuck outta here.

Check yoself, foo.

He has won “tournaments”

Add Marvel to the Big Book of Detroit Fuckups.

He plays ranked matches on XBL with cable, commando and storm.

He has won tournaments.

People who disagree are “homosexuals”

best in mishigun.


When you put Street Fighter over your education and you’re not even that good at it, you truly need to fix your goddamn life.

This guy can’t be serious? I refuse to believe this guy is serious. He’s trolling us, he has to be, nobody is that stupid.

This is truely an amazing example of how far an ego can swell based on nothing.

These guys have been making lulz all over the Midwest threads too. Nobody’s heard of em.