Best Viper air to air normal?



I find I lose out here a lot in air to air trades. Usually though this happens when I drop a burn kick or they read a jump-in. My main is Guile and simply just air throw them. I don’t know how to set that kind of dominance that I like in the air with Viper, though. One thing I like to do in my playstyle is always win the air to air game so they have to footsie.


nj.Mp and nj.Hk are her best air to airs. Jump back fierce has its uses as well


viper normals are slow and have shitty hitboxes on a lot of the moves, so air to air you will lose a lot. nj. HK as stated above is probably the best overall move. diagonal jump lk and mp are the best quick stop attacks.

if someone is reading your jump in, diagonal jump lk, it stuffs air to air AA attempts and has good range, also try mixing up ur jump ins with jump mk as well as jump hk, since hk has to be done late, the range on jump mk catches ppl by surprise.

The issue you might be having with viper is that when ppl fight against her, they premeptively throw out moves to stop bk, and if you try to AA with a normal attack, you will most certainly lose every time.

lastly, try not to use air to air AA unless they opponent isnt ready for it, use your fp tk, its slow and it sucks IMO, but as a guile player, you’re probably used to using normals and air to air to AA, which is a habit you will need to break for viper.


Thanks everything you said helped a lot. fp tk whiffs a lot on ambiguous stuff so I am scared to miss and lose half of vipers crappy life.

Also, yeah, I’m getting hit air to air by people expecting burn kicks OR when i have an execution error with my sJ burn kicks and a SJ MK or something dumb comes out.