Best Vs FireBalls in SF4?


I can’t seem to post in the SF4 forums, so I will just put it here. So if someone wants to move this, that would be great.

So who is the best VS someone that uses Fireballs? So really just looking for who is good Vs Sagat, Ryu, Ken and Akuma. And is someone that don’t use Fireballs them self and is only in the Arcades.



Seriously? You KNEW this was in the wrong section and you made it anyway?


It’s pretty funny how some people doesn’t consider the reason they can’t post.

They’re like “It has to be a glitch or something! Oh well, I’ll just post in one of the other sections”. Like it’s unthinkable that maybe we don’t want them to post new threads. :rofl:



fire… BALLS


When will these stupid, inane, retarded threads stop? :confused:


guys please stop posting and just report threads like this before they become even more stupid.



EDIT: I thought you were asking who has the best fireball in the game. Fuck it then, this isn’t any fun since you already know it’s dumb.


Dont know about fire, but the best ball in game is Rufus for sure. I wish he had helium inside of him, to employ various flying tactics


<–would like to see rufus vs tekken bob. :slight_smile:




his join date says nov 2008, but he is a 09’ner on his heart :rolleyes:


OKAY LISSEN wat u want iz making firbals not hurt so much AMIRITE LOL

fist thing u must do:

  1. u hafto chang ur STRATIGEES u see firbal iz not making you sweat you do yes?

B: if u am gun do tings liek jump up wen firbal is 2 slow you land on it AND IZ GIVE U PANEFULL HEMEROID WTF

  1. IF u tap foreword wen iz firbal touching ur penis, u iz PARRY is maek penis fel gud

U no foregts kk? Or iz Dr. B dun gun shun mad being catfood.


It could also be possible that everyone getting their panties in a bunch and carrying a thread for pages when they do it is exactly why they make the thread.

After all, what do trolls want more than attention?


Your face.


any character with a JUMP


Karnov vs. Rufus needs to happen, no question about that.


Well there was only two things I could do. Spam the forums until I get to the needed post count to make a thread in the SF4 forums or make this thread here. I was thinking that this was better then spaming the forums, just to make a new thread.

Sorry :sad:


Uh you don’t even have to spam, if you bring something to the table while typing in a thread it’s not a waste of time, enough stuff around here that should appeal to you. Hell go jump in SSFIV discussion, you can get lost in there for a while.


Just do what you do in real life and just take the balls to the face.
You can handle it.


I want a pink one…