Best Wavebird Alternative?

I’m looking for the best alternative to a Nintendo Wavebird for my Wii, as they are pretty costly for a used item. I already have Classic controllers which I use for Brawl, but I would like a good Gamecube wireless controller for Gamecube games and since Metal Slug Anthology for some reason does not let you use the Classic. My girlfriend also hates the Classic heh.

I would like something relatively cheap ($20-30 range brand-new) and readily available. Of course it should also be a good all-around controller. The only controllers I have seen that fit the cheap and available standards are the MadCatz MicroCon, Phantiq Shockwave, and Thrustmaster T-Wireless controllers.

I will never buy another MadCatz product so that is out of the question. The Thrustmaster has overall good reviews but also some pretty bad ones as well, and I can’t find any reviews of the Shockwave.

Anyone have any of these and can give me some info or advice? I’ve Googled for awhile and can’t come to a good solution. Yes I expect to hear “Just spend the extra money and get a Wavebird,” but I really can’t spend over $60 for a used controller.

how about a Nintendo GC Controller? if you nix wireless, its FAR cheaper, you can get then new in stores, controls obviously perfectly. no batteries. i think the tradeoff is substantially in your favor compared to 3rd party. just don’t stand your wii on the side.

Oh yeah that’s what I forgot to mention. My TV is 50 something inches so no to wires. I know I can use extension cables but it’s really a hassle due to my setup.

check ebay maybe? I have had the wireless controllers for the gamecube a while back and the only one I am happy with is the first party

well I can’t offer any first hand experience but I remember back in the day when the metagame of melee was first developing and things like l-canceling and wave dashing were coming into the consciousness of the competitive scene the wired version of this controller was very popular with smashers, particularly the best smashers from VA ( chillin, azen, chudat, and anden) because of it’s short range of motion in the shoulders and thus easier to l-cancel and wave dash. If your local gamestop has one it might be worth looking into. I don’t know if the wireless version lags or is bad with batteries but if some of the best smashers were able to win/place very high in tournies with the wired version it might be pretty good but keep in mind it is part madkatz micro line.

Maybe I will give them a try. The Targets near me have the wireless versions and they have a pretty lenient return policy. Thanks for the suggestion :tup: Keep ‘em comin’ :bgrin:

Well I just got a pair of supposedly “like new” Wavebirds on EBay for about $80 shipped which I think isn’t too bad. Still open to suggestions in case these Wavebirds don’t come out as great as the sellers say they are.