Best Way to beat survival?

It’s kinda hard for me, i tried it with s groove sagat, but then rugal and shin gouki were waiting for me at the end.

What’s the best and cheapest way to beat this?


unlock extra options mode by beating boss challenge mode (which is unlocked by beating shin akuma and ultimate rugal in arcade mode).

in the extra options you can set infinite health and easily beat survival.

how do you get infinite health, i have the japanese dc version.

i think that’s the only version in dc.

already beat boss challenge mode i think,

hmmm let me double check, what should the option look like?

EDIT: I think i know what your talking about know, i thought you meant options in the ex grooves, nevermind i’ll beat the boss challenge mode right now, … funny i thought i already did. thanks.

yeah all it gives u is ex groove points to the max but if u want to beat it legitimently the only way is to figure out the pattern you see for shin akuma u can literly poke him to death and I dont kno much about rugal but he does his crecent kick alot just try to defeat that. cant afford to lose any life after the 3rd row.