Best way to begin SSF4 or good beginner guides?

Hey guys, I’m actually kinda new to fighting games in general since I would button mash mostly. But now I wanna keep that bad habit in the past and start fresh so I picked up SSF4 and started an account here. I’m wondering for someone who is completly new to fighting games basicly, what would be the best way to start learning and getting good enough to play online and other people in general?

Are there any good guides for beginners to SSF4 or fighting games in general around the web? I did see the video thread above that had videos for total beginners, but unfortuntely I couldn’t exatly make out what the person was saying in one of his videos. I’ll try viewing it again and try to listen to it more clearly but only if you guys really recommend it and theres nothing better on the web atm.

But if there are any other good beginner guides out there let me know, I really wanna play online soon and hopefully win some matches.

Oh btw I almost forgot, who are some good beginner chars for SSF4? I’m thinking of using either Sagat, Fei Long, or Cody but most likely I think I wanna use Cody unless he’s a hard char to use.

I would say Ryu or Ken are pretty decent beginner characters.

Hope that helps…

this tutorial is legit


just watch the rest and hopefully you can make sense of it

oh and play ryu. he’s very basic and he’s really easy to use. after him, you can play whoever else.

Yea those were the videos I was refering to. Is this the best guide out there so far as for total beginners? If so I’ll watch it again then, I just couldnt comepletly make out what the guy was saying as all due to his heavy accent (no offense). But like I said I’ll view it again and listen to it more carefully if its really that good. And would this be better then reading a writtin guide?

MVC2 Guide- Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Guide/Walkthrough - X360, Xbox 360 Walkthrough - IGN

This is only about the basic stuff, and it teaches you about the top 8. If you wanna learn the low-tiers, go to the MVC2 forums. You might wanna do this with Blackheart, Anakaris, Ruby Heart, and Dhalsim, because IMO, they should be top tier. They are not as good as the gods, but they can beat the top tiers with style.

SSF4 guide- Super Street Fighter IV Guide/Walkthrough - X360, Xbox 360 Walkthrough - IGN

This is an ok beginner guides. They teach you the basics about the gameplay and everything else. For advance stuff, go to the SSF4 newbie forum, it is surprisingly a good guide for newbies. After you learn the basics, you can start learning your character.

From those 3 characters, Sagat is noobie friendly than those 3. Cody is in the middle. I suggest Cody if you wanna learn the game. He is almost as balanced as Ryu is, and he can pretty much teach you all there is to know.

However if you really wanna learn the game, you should pick either Ryu, Bison, or Balrog. They are slightly easy to learn (Bison is mad easy IMO). They will teach you the game and there isn’t really any gimmick to them.

My two cents.

Well since you guys are linking these vids I’ll watch them, seems they’re the best so far. And since two of you guys are suggesting Ryu I’ll probably use him then first. But if anyone else has any good guides they wanna link to me or have any good instructions to tell me, feel free to do so.

ryu and ken are good begginer characters but cody isnt too bad to use but i wouldnt recommen fei long for a beginner

Cody is pretty easy to learn. If you’re interested in him definitely stick with him, he’s not the easiest but definitely not the hardest character to learn in the game.