Best way to break opponent's defense

I’m new to using Yun (so try to be nice :confused: ). I already have most of his combos down and I use SAIII whenever I get the chance. My problem is the opponents crouch when I activate SAIII and when i use dive kick to get a combo going they seem to guard it perfectly. Any advice? Also what combo should I use if i were to break their defense in the middle of the screen. If I do break the defense in the corner i get get a good amount of damage, but if its in the middle of the screen they end up falling and my meter runs out? :lame:

Thanks :tup:

Command throw will teach people not to turtle fast.

On most characters Command throw -> Forward twin kick and go to town.

Familirize yourself with certain poke strings and figure out how to keep the combo going. Mid screen your goal is to launch with a shoulder somehow then do fierce shoulders to corner or use hopkicks if they are near the corner already.

The Strings I use currently are x 2 -> Walk up command throw
Then next time x2 st.fp strong shoulder

Stand FP -> Dash while they are in blockstun -> Command throw.

Hop kick people who do nothing but crouch guard to get them to block high.

MISS a dive kick -> st.fp strong shoulder. OWNS people who parry dive kicks too much.

Missed dive kick -> Walk up command throw.

The goal is NOT to be completely random (some randomness is important of course). It is to attack effectively based on strings that give you the advantage and that the opponent has to have quick reactions to stop. to train someone to block high isn’t that useful. It’s got such slow startup that it’s really easy to read. And even if they don’t block high & get hit by the, the recovery is so long that you can’t link anything after it. A well spaced UOH is better. Of course, if they have very little life left, go for it.

st.fp, dash, command throw isn’t that safe either. Yun’s dash is so slow that you can get thrown out of it if the person’s decent, or if you get predictable. So use it sparingly.

Missed divekick,, shoulder is somewhat useful, but to use it most effectively, you should be divekicking outside of their throw range, and near the far reach of the Otherwise, you’re better off using, shoulder, since the comes out much faster.

Another fun one (if they’re on the ground) is crossover divekick,,

The easiest way to learn GJ is to break it up into sections (IMO). Usually, it’s: link, launch, juggle, and finisher. As long as you know how to link & launch the person, the rest of the combo becomes pretty simple.

Rock on strakka!

I agree with all he says and i must just repeat that dashing in with yun is a gamble during gj. One that is not by any means worth taking against better players. If you want to command throw them it is a LOT better to just walk towards them.

blah blah blah fierce,shoulder,something low,fierce,dash up right after,command grab is hot

walk up throw/hit is best. Dive kick then hit/throw is also good. Over heads and everything else sucks…sometimes a random d.fwd kick is good from max rang… d.fwd, s.fp, dp+FP…now and then.
If you wanna hit after a dive kick use since it’s three frame instead of 5, and also the grab is six frames instead of eight.

High/Low Command Throw that shiz son.

do a fake palm as your opponent wakes up and then command grab him :clap:

o SHIT! to nasty! ^