Best way to capture footage with a Hauppauge card?

I got a Hauppauge capture card not too long ago, and am trying to capture footage off a VHS tape with it. Originally, I was trying to capture the footage using either Sony Vegas or Windows Media Encoder. Neither would work, and I read from Hauppauge’s website that those programs would not work for capturing with this card.

Anyway, I’ve looked around for other programs. Their default software doesn’t seem to work that well, and lately I’ve been using a program called “Beyond TV.” It seems to work quite well, except the footage comes out dark for some reason, and eventually I will have to pay for it once the trial runs out. So, I’m looking for alternative programs that maybe you guys have used that work well.

Any suggestions?

Virtual VCR ftw

I don’t seem to be able to see any previews with it. When I try to toggle the preview, I get an error that says “Error rendering the preview! Try using the Smart Tee option for previewing,” but when I try to enable that option, it says “Error rendering the Smart Tee filter preview pin!” :\


try GB-PVR, its what i use with my Hauppauge capture card.

Was wondering if the Hauppauge is picky on the type of board you are using.

I have an old capture card that plugs USB (over 3 years old), but the drivers don’t seem to work on this computer (its a Plextor).

Meh, I guess ill buy myself a Haup anyways.