Best Way To Chip With Ruby?/

Anybody know any good ways to chip Damage with Ruby Because i a decent player with her but i cant seem to trap or chip that much off people when there blocking so if anybody has some good ways to chip damage or cornertrap please post thanks.:smiley:

I pair her up with Doom because doom’s AAA chips like hell plus helps you zone/control space.

Ruby-Doom, Ruby-Capcom, and Ruby-BH are mean. Ruby-Cable-b is workable too.

Try Ruby, Storm, Doom. That team in perticular is mean.

All 3 pairings have traps. Unfortunately I don’t remember any of them or use them first hand because I don’t use Ruby. I can look if you want to see if I still have the traps [I should], but the best idea would be to raid the old threads.

There should be some stuff in the Ruby Heart in Depth thread.

Ruby assist rapes Spiral-Sent trap BTW…

thanks for the tips

thanks deathfist for the info also could u send me those other threads so i can check those other combo out

When I use Ruby/Doom I do this.

call doom, fantome, sublimation (far or close depending on where they are), (if they’re jumping enough, the capture move , maybe J.hp, if not, another sublimation). Repeat.

down+HK+Doom AAA XX Sublimation


d+Hk and Doom assist is good when Ruby has her back to the corner - if opp rolls they roll into Doom assist, if they stay still - waterfall, and jumping whatever (trying to get under them as they get hit by the last part of Doom rocks).

If you have someone in the corner, you don’t want to have them roll and give up your good position (particularly against someone like sent).

Also something I practiced when realised how much I was just throwing out Doom assist, was to call Doom as you jump behind an opponent (this saves you having to protect him and you get alot more chip from Doom).

I don’t know if anyone read it but on page 7 I posted a good way to hurt assists with Ruby Heart/Storm/Doom (double hailstorm).

I don’t believe it… That’s my team! I wanted to be origional, so I decide to try a few mid tiers and that’s the team I’ve made; I’ve got some pretty crazy stuff with Ruby/Rocks.

At first I was looking for a character who could AAA Hailstorm and Ruby Heard done suprisingly good damage. I was never really a fan of Cyclops and he never worked well in my teams. Doom was a part of my team anyway because he’s one of my favourites, plus he can DHC in off HS and LS safely, you can even DHC into HS off his arial Pink Shit.

After playing around for a few hours just before, I discovered this is a seriously nastly team. The name of this game… Control. Unfortunatly I don’t have another player to test it’s reliability, but I’ve already discovered a mid screen and corner block string trap (chip ftw).

Using her qcf+p, combined with Rocks and knockdowns has some realy minupulative effects. Depending on when you time Rocks, determines where the oponent will be positioned; assuming their blocking is on par with auto guard, otherwise your in to do damage anyway. While they’re being bouced off the rocks and being in block stun you’re free to position your self or go for more cross-ups.

Also combining her qcf+p with rocks makes it pretty safe on block. When you recover from the qcf+p the rocks are right behind you keeping you’re covered. Of course this is from a basic point of view, it may be vunerable to some stuff, but it definatly makes it a lot safer.