Best way to connect her extended air combos and her double jump air combos

Yea i love to play with B.B Hood but the thing is i cant pull off her double jump comobs for nothing i need to know if there is a easy way to tell when to use the double jump or a certain way to use my combos into the double jump please if anybody has the beat way can u please post it for me thanks alot.

Well I have been playing her awhile and well for me also her double jump combos are easy and they are worth doing at times. I think the best way to do it is jumping up not towards your opponent usally right after a LK not a LP. You usally get around 12 hits in a double jump air combo. Sorry not much help. It is easier to do a double jump combo with just LPLP DJ LPLP but like that is just like doing a regular combo.

Now that I think of it her double jump combos aren’t really useful except for resets. Example: lk,lk,SJ, (slowly)lp,lp,lk your on the other side,DJ, lk,lp,lk, flaming champange

Her aircombo can also set up for your next move. Depending with what you end it with a HK or a HP. A good air combo in the corner is lk,lk SJ lk,lk,Hk pause Hk then you can either jump then do a lp,Hp, once you land jump lp+Doom(AA),lp,Hp or instead you can wait till they land do a corner front Hk(Her automatic pop up) then down Hk, then standing Hk+Doom AA(It won’t connect,it’s just to hold them down), down,down both kick buttons(Low dash move)to stay close and in case they send a partner like psylocke AA or cyclops AA so it is a good idea to stay low to the ground.

For combos done in mid screen it is best to end a combo with a Hp because is doesn’t hit them far away like the Hk and in some occasions with a long combo it is more likly to hit; so you have a chance to get more block damage in with a Doom AA while you probably jumping in with a Hp after you land.