Best way to counter shotos?



I’ve been getting my ass handed to me this past weekend (lost over 60 matches, won about 5) by the onslaught of shotos. Usually I do okay with my crossups against other characters, but they don’t work well against a shoto character since they can just shoryuken my jump. Does anyone have good tips against shoto characters, especially the ones who bank on zoning and then hit you when on jump?


wow… theres a matchup thread dude… use it.


have some patience and don’t jump when they want you to.


Dont jump in on them, force them to make the mistakes, dont get into fireball fights with them and out this kind of question in the Q&A section


shotos are easy because most play the exact same (flowchart). Hazanshu over a hadouken if you are in range if not FADC back if u want to turtle and get revenge meter and forward if you want to advance, score a knock down and your all set if they like to DP on wake up then do her DF.HK or crossup light kick or bait it then start a combo. The match up threads help a lot and you should invest the time in reading it and trying out the things it suggests, practice makes perfect.


Not only that, there’s Az’s VS threads. I mean, one of them is titled “Vs Shotos (Ryu, Ken, Sagat, ~Akuma)” and it’s only on the next page… :rolleyes:


Searching forums is rocket science.

True story.


LOL, it’s always so funny when some 1 makes this mistake (I did it on a seth forum before)
the person is always maid out to be such a noob… speaking of being a noob, where is the Q&A section? lol


Azrael’s vs. shotos thread is beast


if a shoto jumps in on you with MK, or FK (which they always do), hit em with a crouching MP. The hit box on chun li when she does a crouching MP is too low for the shotos to hit her with, thus, the crouching MP will always connect and hit. Even if they try to JUST jump in on you, get into the habit of doing it. It will eliminate the shoto of having to jump in on you and looking for alternate routes such as projecticle spamming, which you can easily punish with chun’s ultra. I have tested this out with Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Dan in various training modes.


^ That works to a certain degree. If the player is smart they’ll be mixing up their jump ins, especially if they see you only utilizing that AA.

Empty jump > SRK eats that AA for free and I believe shoto j.LK beats it as well.


Only if you mistime it. If you time it right it will hit them on their jump in recovery or if they empty jump SRK it will meaty and by the time the SRK’s active frames come out you will be able to block.

Btw, I use c.MK for this purpose. It comes out faster, recovers faster, and it instantly lowers your hitbox as soon as you press the button, unlike c.MP which has a little delay.