Best way to do multi system 2 player controls? (mame/dc/ps2)

i was thinking db25

2x ground
8x d pad
12x buttons
2x extra buttons

1 slot open left in it

allows me to use a project box/printer hub to switch easily while it is inside the machine.

Alright, you want DC, PC, and PS2 inside the cabinet, and the ability for console players to plug in and use their stick instead, if I’m understanding right.

Make PSX your standard, and get two PSX->DC converters, two PSX->USB converters, some extra PSX extension cables, and two SPDT flip switches. Wire up the cabinet control panel to two PSX PCB’s, and cut the end of the PSX cables coming from them so you can wire them BOTH to a single DB-25 connector that plugs into the printer hub thingy. Wire each one of the output DB-25’s from the printer hub to two extension cables.

On your control panel, or whereever you want the console players to plug their stick into, put in a PSX port stripped from a dead PS2 or PS1. (You’re on your own for mounting it). You can use the female ends from the extension cables just hanging out, but that’d look kinda ghetto. A well mounted actual plug would look tons better.

You want to wire the lines from the PSX port for each controller to the exact same lines on that players PSX PCB. VCC to the P1 port should be connected to VCC on the P1 PSX pcb. Same with DATA, CMD, everything; everything except the ATT line.

A SPDT switch has three pins; When flipped one way, the center and left pins are connected, and when flipped the other way, the center and right pins are connected. Find the wire called ATT (pin 6: and have the ATT line from the control panel’s PSX PCB going to the left pin, the ATT line from the console plug in going to the right pin, and the ATT line going to the DB-25 in the center.

The ATT line is how the PSX tells a controller it wants to talk. If it isn’t connected, the PSX pcb thinks its just lonely and doesn’t talk or interfere. This allows you to flip a single switch to choose if the control panel controls are used, or the console controller. (You may want to connect a big resistor (4.7k Ohm) between the VCC and ATT lines of the control panel’s PSX PCB; I don’t know if it’ll be seen as floating or if its tied high on the PCB. If you get problems when the switch is set to use the console controller, then add the resistor.)

But that’s just how I’d do it. Best of luck, and post lots of pictures.

Toodles, you know your shit. I salute you.

thx for the info, but the main thing is going to need to be wired to a keyboard/ i-pac, either via DB25 or straight up.

for consoles, i’m not worried about the whole “play via controller port”… that will only be used on mame.

Ok. Definitely let us know how you get it going then.