Best way to execute Zang's ultra on TE stick

I can’t execute this on command or without jumping in first, how do you guys execute it / what is most efficient?


I would help you, but the short version of his name is Gief. Get your shit together son.

forgive me, care to share now?

You can buffer the ultra by first doing a c.lp or, then :

actually I’m going 1 less input so it’s :

Buffering is your best bet. You can buffer into a light attack, or even taunt if you’re feeling cocky :stuck_out_tongue:

What I usually do is:

(buffering :hcb::ub::u::uf::hcb:+:3p:

If you want to use this be careful though, if you hold back too long it starts to move you backwards and you could end up out of the ultras range.

See this thread also:

some useful and some goofy ultra set-ups in there

sweet zang tips thanks!

Actually taunting is a really good way to buffer. While the taunt is up, you can press any direction you want without canceling out of the taunt; the only way to cancel out of the taunt is by pressing a button. This means that during the taunt you have plenty of time to spin the stick however many times you want until you press a button or buttons to cancel out of the taunt into 720.

by cocky i meant demoralizing not risky. It is a really good way to buffer ultra

yeah, you can taunt when a character is falling back to the ground after they perform a whiffed DP. It’s demoralizing and you won’t mess up.

it demoralizes them or focuses them. take your pick

lolz i rarely taunt and buffer into ultra. Not that im cocky or anything. The madcatz controller is different for me so it’s hard. It’s getting a little easier now but i fail to pull out the super or ultra after FADC! what’s up with me!?!?!?