Best way to find voltage of pcb

I am currently doing a a dual mod using 2 third party ps1 controllers and I was having trouble finding the 3.3v connections on them. I was wondering if there was any way to go about finding them. Would I need any specific tools? Maybe a multimeter?

Looking at the console cable, it should be the wire that is running to the capacitor on the pcb.

Post up pics if you can.

What gahrling said and just go get a basic Multimeter… it will come in so useful during mods to check continuity and to identify leads… my little $15 unit has paid for itself in time saved alone.

I have 2 images one pointing out the capacitor and another pointing out what I think is is signal. Im not 100% sure if they’re right .



Just go buy a multimeter, it’s a fundamental tool for electronics. It’s not even expensive.

Get a multimeter and set it to Continuity. Find the ground by finding what has continuity between multiple buttons (probably that wide polygon on the left would work, but check). Then, CLEAR ALL METAL FROM YOUR WORKSPACE and plug the controller into a console or converter to give it power. With your multimeter set to DC Voltage and the black probe on your ground, probe the pins until you find one that consistently reads ~3.3v. Unless you drop a few grand on a high-end Fluke meter, your reading will be somewhere around 3.1-4 volts. Also, if you use a converter, it may pump out ~5 volts so watch for that. Check the link in my sig if you need help with the DMM, and happy hacking!

BTW: There is no one “signal” pin on a PS1/2 controller. There are about 5 (clock, command, attention, data, ack)

Even a cheap multimeter should be a lot more accurate than that.

what garhling said definitely helped but I did pick up a multimeter since it seems essential and will help with future mods and padhacks. thanks for all the insight everyone