Best way to fit xbox 360 mic port into project box / stick



Recently i made a project box so i could use my PS2 HRAP sticks with 360 and it works great , the only thing im missing off my project box is a mic port but i cant seem to find any adaptor or lead suitable for mounting to my project box

any ideas ?



Would one of these work?


that looks quite nice , suppose i could drill a hole and feed that through the box and then hot glue it into place , i think that would work



or that adapater clip would probably hold it in place inside my box :wink:


Or get a wireless headset…


can you buy that seperatly or odes it only come with rock band :frowning:


I have a couple left over from rockband, I’m looking for a way to buy more though.


just found this

how does the wireless headset work , does it connect wirelessly to the xbox directly ?


I was going to suggest the same thing! I have that adapter and I think I’m going to build it into my next stick. The nice part about it is that it has that little lip (Washer) on the end that would make mounting it a breeze. You could drill a hole big enough for the wire to slip through but that lip will stop it from going all the way through.


yea thats how i was going to do it , ive just ordered 2 now , got totally raped on postage tho :crybaby: oh well


pretty much you just need any male to female 8th inch jack, which you can find at most electronics supply stores. Or just buy the jacks, and solder your own wire.



Except that Xbox pad jacks are 2.5mm and not 1/8th inch.


Of course! The wireless headset syncs directly to the xbox system without any problems. It does not affect the controller whatsoever unless you plan to use a wired mic.


Thanks :slight_smile:


I just ordered one of those Rock Band adapters. Made an offer on eBay for $3.99, free shipping. Not bad. Hope I can make it work with my dual mod HRAP3.


post some pics up when youve done it , i got charged abou $9 postage :frowning:


These Rockband adapters work great. I was also looking for a solution to extend the headset port and I remember that I had two adapters laying around, I finished installing one yesterday and it works perfect. I drilled a hole where I wanted the port and hooked up the other end to the PCB inside the joystick.

The only downside about using the adapter is that the XBOX 360 recognizes that a headset is hooked up while using the extension, regardless if you have a headset connected to the adapter end or not.


Good to know, thanks.


What 360 PCB did you use? I’ve heard that the wireless headset has issues with some Mad Catz 360 PCBs, including the common ground ones that are popular for hacking.


madcatz arcade stick pcb , its ok im going for hard wired :slight_smile: