Best way to get into Tekken

Im looking into getting into tekken but whats the best way to get started? Would it be to play Tekken Tag 2 just to get used to the mechanics or just wait until Tekken 7 comes out in the US? Help a scrub out plz?

Or would it be okay to play Tekken 6 to get a good feel for the game?

I would play TTT2 to start adventure with Tekken :slight_smile:

Trial by fire: Tekken Tag 2 Online. Gameplay heavily reliant on tag and juggles. Nothing else worth playing offered.

Tutorial: Tekken Dark Resurrection (PSP only). Decent single player with minor gameplay deficiencies.

*Tekken 6 is more enjoyable if you know what you are doing and only seek to play offline. NANCY and Azazel (6) are shit bosses. Same can be said for Jinpachi (5) and Junknown (Tag 2). If you want to do only arcade mode I would recommend none of them. Soul Calibur IV and Virtua Fighter 5 are much better 3D fighters for that. Dead or Alive 5 is the easiest and dumbest of the bunch.

If you are wanting to get into the Tekken story in anticipation for the console release of 7, then just watch the videos on YouTube that explain all the back story and watch the cannon intro and outro videos for each game. Don’t bother watching anything from the Tag games since non of it is cannon. And most of the Tag mechanics are only in Tag games.

In fact if you acknowledge yourself as a scrub then don’t worry about any mechanics at all. The first thing you want to do is learn movement.
The most basic of actions in the game, and they are some of the hardest to get down properly.

If you don’t care about story and you just want to play some Tekken before 7 drops, then I would suggest Tekken 6, it keeps you away from the unnecessary mechanics of Tag, and it doesn’t look as old as Tekken 5. Of course you probably wont find any games online, if that is important then you have to play Tag 2. But I would still recommend Tekken 6, and doing nothing but focusing on getting your movement right. It is so important that you can almost 100% of the time guarantee a player with good movement and no combos will beat a player with terrible movement and great combos.

When I was going through the movement learning phase I would move in, poke them with something and depending on what they did I would move back and punish, side step and punish or advance and get a few hits in before backing out to full screen and starting again.

Actually I just remembered I saw some Aris videos recently. I think he did three tutorials and then three question and answer videos. One of them was creating strategies with movement or something like that. That would have helped me out a lot as a scrub. So I highly recommend you check them out.

As said before, movement is the key. Learning which way to sidestep attacks, how to create space keeping walls in mind. Id say play alot of tekken tag 2 solo character so you dont get used to those tag combos. Also, you didnt mention what character you were looking to get into, but if its Mishimas you just made learning movement that much harder. Time to practice crouchdash cancels and all that good stuff. Good luck, T7 looks pretty legit. I stopped playing Tag 2 cause it got stale. Finally a new Tekken

Tekken 7 is incredible. It’s a vast improvement from the greatness that was Tekken 6. Tag 2 was too difficult and confusing for my brain regarding juggling two characters movelist’s together. But Tekken 7 improved some of my favorite character (Yoshimitsu) with new moves. Yoshi is doing much better in the competitive scene but still a challenge to rank with him online.

Watch good tutorials on YouTube and know Frame data…