Best way to get linking down

I just picked up AE and so far the character that seems to fit my playstyle best is boxer, but I’m having some difficulty nailing the link combos consistently. I pretty much always nail the jab -> jab link, but am about 60% with the cr. st or cr. forward after 2nd jab. Any advice people can offer me?

Practice, Practice, Practice.
When I first started using Rog, I didnt think I would ever get the links down. But I just kept practicing and now most of them are in Muscle Memory.
Do searches on double tapping and plinking.
Break the link down into two hits and practice just those.
I.E – Jab, Jab, Short, HB
If you are having an issue getting the Short in after the second Jab. Start by only doing jab>short, then once that starts happening, add the second jab into the mix, then the HB.

Just dedicate like 10-20mins a day nailing those links down. It’s all about muscle memory. Turn on your favorite mp3s and grind it :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are doing the duck jab (LP) to duck strong (MP), then plinking helps a lot with that. In terms of duck jab (LP) to duck forward (MK), I don’t think that even works. Duck jab (LP) is +7 on hit, and duck forward (MK) is 8 for startup.

yeah, I meant cr. short, not forward. Thanks for the advice, I am getting a lot better after practicing 15 minutes a day, I now can get it about 90% of the time. If I do jab -> jab -> rush (omitting the strong) I can do it almost 100% of the time, so I’ll probably stick to this in matches for now until I can get the strong more consistent. I do like the amount of stun the strong brings though.

I’m gonna post up in this thread as well.
I’m pretty new as well and I’m having a problem connecting the Rush or Headbutt after the cr.Short.

I have trouble figuring out the timing. I’ve watching youtube videos to get a clearer glimpse, but still failing.
Any advice? One of my concerns is I might be pushing forward/back-up before I push the FP.

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

If the dash straight or headbutt isn’t coming out, likely you are doing it too fast. I think the explanation is that you can’t cancel a normal move into a special move if you cancelled the normal that preceded everything. So if the crouch jab to crouch short is chained, you can’t cancel the short into a headbutt. You need to link the short off the jab, which means doing it a bitter slower than you are probably doing it now.

Yeah I found that out recently. Thanks for the reply.

Guess I should just grind out some time getting the timing down.