Best way to get more use out of my 360 VLX

I have my 360 VLX which I don’t really use anymore. I was wondering what the best way to get it to use on the PS4 is.

Will I need to take out the current PCB and replace it? Or is there another way?


Can replace the PCB or dual mod it…

If you dont know how than you can have someone dual mod it for you so it works with multiple systems.

The easiest way is to buy a Brooks converter

How much input lag will I notice with one of these?

Not more than one frame. They’ve been steadily updating the firmware on it, so you should not notice any input lag compared to stock now.

By the way there are some presoldered brook pcb’s also, so if you can’t solder, you can buy those. You would still need to crimp the wires off the original connectors and screw them into the terminals.

Just so I’m clear, the converter is the external, USB based solution right, and not the board.

Is there a guide if I decided I wanted to dual mod it? I’m not afraid of wiring it up, but a guide would be helpful for that pcb.


Not applicable since this is designed for the PS4 VLX (Hayabusa/Kuro)

Edit: what I’ll be doing to my 360 VLX is just add PS4 support with a Brook PS4 Fightboard. It’s $40 USD, so it’s not that much compared to a Brook UFB (which I already have on other sticks)

+1 vote for the XBox360 / XBOne to PS4 controller adapter as the easiest option.

That’ll give you XBox360, PS4, & PC coverage, don’t see much else you’d need that would justify hacking up a collectible stick like the VLX… just my $0.02 :grimacing:

Yeah that’s true as well :slight_smile:

Mine OG 360 TE however is already hacked up with a Chimp in it. I wonder if I could “restore” the headers and make it “stock” again

@mR_CaESaR Oops. Thought it would be VLX compatible in general. That’s actually good to know so thanks for pointing that out!