Best Way to go about modding my fightstick

Well the time has come for me to mod my fightstick (finally) i need it to do Xbox 360, PS3, Gamecube/Wii/Wii U, Dreamcast, and PSX/PS2. I currently have the Soul Calibur V Te fightstick and i have been looking at the PS360+ but i don’t know to keep the turbo / home button function without soldering any help / pcb suggestions would be great


PS360+ doesn’t have a turbo function so that would render the button useless unless you wanted to wire it to another button, perhaps replace the select button with a neutrik NE8FDP for your multi-console capabilities and wire select to turbo. All you would need to do would be wire the KGND to GND and the signal wires labeled on the PCB to the corresponding screw terminal or solder point. However as a quick heads up the PS360+ is not capable of supporting GC/Wii without the use of a converter.

You will need soldering PERIOD.

There’s no inherent turbo function on the PS360+, but I recall that I was able to get the ‘home’ button working without any soldering work.

For ‘home’ you can simply press both ‘start’ + ‘select’ together.

But as other people have said, there’s no turbo mode and no native Gamecube support.

thank you guys for your input. i understand that there is no native gamecube support. looking back i never really use the turbo functionality anyway so that’s not a big deal.

Since this is up for discussion… what about the lockout function for start select home? how do you add that to the PS360+?

What I was going to do for GC support with a PS360+ is, get a PS2 cable, following the advice of the Converter Compatibility thread get the Cube JoyBox Pro by Mayflash

You would have to solder wires up and cut traces to keep the Lock out switch.

You are basically adding a on/off switch to the ground going to your Start and Select.

On newer TE sticks like the TE-S you either have to hack to reenable the tournament lock out, or bridge the GND and KGND together to bypass the lock.