Best way to learn S/D?



i basically realized that i want to take a different route in mvc2. i’m tired of playing the same old team scrubs, msp’s, row’s, santhrax’s, etc, and i want something different yet still effective. so i figured i’d give strider/doom a serious shot.

i’m wondering what’s the best way to learn S/D? i’m reading through the old threads learning strider and doom separately, then as a trapping duo. i’m unsure about my third character also. my sentinel is pretty shitty, so i’m apprehensive to play team clockwork although sentinel is probably the best third character. i kinda have a problem blocking rushdown, so i was thinking about cyclops on point to build meter and then become an AA assist. not a huge fan of capcom because i want a third character who isn’t screwed if he’s not an assist. maybe storm on point to run away and build some meter, dhc strider in, strider eventually dies, look for photons into hail storm, run away some more.

what type of things did you experienced players learn that you wish you knew when you started playing strider, or habits that you wish you never picked up?

just any advice for a beginning strider/doom player will be appreciated.



Teleports are the key to S/D, use them well but don’t abuse them ebcause they can get you killed. Sent owns because he’s well, Sent… Also Drones are great to keep rushers(mags definately) locked down so you can start the trap. As for the actualy trap don’t go for more than 2 reps so, one:you always have extra meter for a counter or DHC, and 2:so you can start the trap again if need be. Just practice and it will eventually come natural to you. If you want to use Cykes, don’t use him on point. Storms not BAD, but why the hell WOULDN’T you use Sent when hes arguably the best/2nd best char in the game, AND compliments the trap extremely nicely. Also you can combo off of drones quite easily.


well this might be dumb, but i used it to make my strider/doom better.

play the computer!

however, the goal is…perfect using the trap. of course you’ll get hit once of twice, but the point is you wanna be able to trap the computer so much that they can’t hit you even once or twice. it’s pretty easy to get a perfect with the trap on the first and second rounds. but after that it gets harder, and you’ll need to be really precise in the trap execution to be able to pull off a perfect.

this will not teach you to play well against a human player obviously, but it will make your trap better because it will be more continuous and unbroken, which is important to making strider/doom work! by eliminating/minimizing the little holes in the trap.


get a clockwork video…dissect how he makes each transition in his trap flow together. that is the main thing you would want to pull from clockwork. you don’t have to use clockwork’s team and you don’t have to know clockwork’s little tricks either. you can develop your own little tricks. just learn how to immitate clockwork’s trap.


what about devil X, i’ve only seen him play vs duc in a few old vids. and what about kaising? i always see him post stuff about S/D, but i’ve never seen a video of him playing.

i’ve got a handful of good clockwork vids, and i gather his general intent isn’t for lockdown, but for hits. i can’t wait for the evoDVD to get clockwork vs jwong from the actual tournament (not the casual play vid). i remember watching the match on the big screen and i think clock got a 1-0 lead and then jwong came back, but i don’t remember any details of the games.

and i always hear about how much priority strider has, but who does he out prioritize? i know crouching fierce launcher beats cable’s jumping rh, but what else is notable?



Jump Back RH outprioiritiezes Mags completely depending on when it hits. J Fierce owns, should be your main jumpin if you ever do, since you’ll be using teleport as your usual means of getting in.


could you send me those vids popoblo?


Anyone know where I can get these Clockw0rk videos so that I can learn some Strider/Doom?


through direct connect


which hub?




I think Blackheart serves as a great third character for biginning S/D players. It helps you adjust and react w/ teleports, thats how i got the hang of it. Ya, Blackheart is only temporary, but he does well in enhancing your dexterity in teleporting, and that is the most important weapon for strider players.

Ironman makes a great third character (i use IM/strider/Doom)
He builds meter fast, and uses it very rarely, so the meter he built is all saved for strider. As an assist he also does a great job by adding Strider w/ dangerous ground chains, punishs the assist very harshly, and gives great protection from flying Sentinels.
Also your Ouro becomes deadly if the opponent blocks the orbs, he is trapped, if you managed to openly catch the opponent, just tag and do the infinte.


Spiral makes a very good 3rd character for S/D. She builds meter for Strider like she does for Cable and works really, really well with Doom. Her ground assist can be worthwhile for Strider at times.

Spiral/Strider/Doom is what I play these days. I suck but I like those three alot and usually do fairly well with them.