Best way to make a hole without a drill?

I want to make a 24mm hole on the side of my SE [plastic] to move my back button. I’ve already made a start button on the top, but no longer have access to power tools…

All I can think of is heating up a screwdriver and sort of eyeballing a hole by melting the plastic… Any ideas?

im a construction worker… and besides a drill what we would use to make holes in plastic sometimes is to heat a piece of copper tubing and then melt a hole in… makes a perfect hole. but you will have to find a round pipe that fits your dimensions, a local hardware store should have something, just bring in your buttons and find the right size. there are other ways of making holes but drilling and heat are the best methods imho.

-edit… in fact at a hardware store they might even be willing to drill it for you perhaps even for free depending on how cool they are.


Cool… I may try asking the store to do it then… but if not I’ll look for a 24mm tube. I don’t have my button yet as I planned to order it after the hole is complete.

It’s gonna be a screw in (snap ins seem to loose there pop after a couple of removals). If I do heat up this 24mm pipe though, the hole it will create will be slightly bigger I bet?

find a friend with a tool more than likely you wont find a 24mm tube

Buy a cheap drill?

I mean, you can get one on craigslist for, like, $15.

This, you’ll wind up with something that looks like shit unless you have a very steady hand. Your stick will only be as good as the tools you use.

“how can i solder without an iron?” ; “What’s a way to make a hole w/o a drill?”

Get with the program.

Ain’t no half steppin’

Always use the proper tool for the job.
If you need to drill a hole, you need to use a drill.

Buy a step bit they’re expensive unless you get them from harbor freight, you don’t have to use a drill to make a 24mm hole in plastic just elbow grease

HAHA! Ghetto rigging is always fun! if you are able to get a round file you can use a 24mm to trace an outline of the hole and file yourself a 24mm hole… but yea… it might not be pretty… and isnt reccomended… the SE even easy to mod can be messed up just as easily with half-fast attempts…

If it can’t be done with a hammer and some brute force, then it isn’t worth doing in the first place.

I did this once and it can be done neatly. But it will take all damn day and a drill will work better.

Take a paper clip and straighten part of it out. Applying steady pressure, push the point of your paper clip where you want the center of your hole to be. Rotate it left and right like a screwdriver/awl. This will drill a tiny hole into the soft plastic.

Once you can fit the paperclip point through, take a phillips screwdriver with a reasonably fine point and do the same thing. Once that fits through, take an even bigger scrwdriver and do the same thing again.

Eventually you will have a hole big enough to fit a file through. I would suggest a round file but if you can’t find one or are ghetto then use a nail file, since se cases have soft plastic.

Use the file to enlarge the hole on all sides. It’s unlikely you will be able to make a perfect circle, so file a little bit at a time and constantly try to fit the button through. Try to file the bare minimum it takes to get the button through, because if you file too much it will look ugly or the hole will be too big.

Best of luck but this method takes forever. Find a movie to watch while doing it or just buy a cheap drill.

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Didn’t take an old solder tip that didn’t conduct enough heat to melt my solder but was enough to melt plastic and put that to my TE to make some little holes for my RJ-45 screws thus resulting in being dizzy for an hour or so from the fumes. Nuh uh.

One of these things will work.

  • Hole saw and a hammer
  • Cookie cutter
  • Very small shovel
  • Buy a drill

Sooo you’re saying instead of looking for a small circular pipe, he should just heat up a hammerhead and push hard? :wink:

Also insofar as solutions go I suppose this is technically off topic but if you simply want to work on the cheap you can get a basic drill for 'round 15-20 bucks… (not sure how much an appropriate plastic working bit would add though)

Perhaps it’s a bit much for something if you think you’ll never use it again but it sounds like you do this sorta thing on a intermitent basis so you might as well get something to keep around the house, just in case. If nothing else it gives you something to consider for the difference in cost between a hackish method and a more proper one.

There’s always Falcon Punch.

I will remember that if I even need to punch holes into the fabric of space time

In my head, that’s how it goes down when Voltech destroys another stick.

I’m no mind reader so I can’t really be certain. However if I had to guess, I think by asking how to make a 24 mm on the side of his joystick he meant he wanted a hole size of about 24 millimeters on the body of his joystick leading directly inside of it, not 24 million miles next to it leading into a portal going to an unknown dimension…

Lol, this thread needs more soldering iron!