Best way to make a Neo Geo stick?


I’m picking up a Consolized Neo geo MVS unit. It can use original Neo Geo AES sticks. That’s great, but I wanna use my custom sticks.

Any other way besides the PS2 stick to Neo Geo converter? (Because Tototek is out of those and won’t respond to emails. :frowning: )


IIRC you don’t even need a PCB in your stick case. You can use DA-15 connectors/cables, here’s a perfect example in a stick by ecKsniNe



Here’s the pinout for the connectors! LINK

Also Toodles’ MC cthulhu board should work nicely for a multi platform custom stick. I’m sure with the right setup you could dual mod one to the DA-15 connector and have DA-15 console cables where most people would have RJ45


Toodles also made a Fg Widget converter, it converts SNES, PS1/PS2 or Sega Saturn to input a Neo Geo or other consolized Arcade PCB could use. The Converter can also be wired to a another system’s game pad to make a adapter. Example wiring a FG Widget converter to a Xbox 360 pad to make a Saturn to Xbox 360 adapter.


I second DB-15, since it’s extremely easy to do by just adding extra cables coming from your stick & buttons -> DB-15 connector.

Though IIRC you’ll wanna get an actual NeoGeo controller extension cable (regular DB-15 might not fight right)


awesome, so i just need a controller extension cable, hack off the end and connect it to the microswitches?? O_o easier than expected…


Here is what I did for a cable… Cable looks a little rough, but it works fine.

Here is the ones I bought…

MIDI/JOYSTICK/GAMEPORT EXTENSION CABLE 6FT NIB ~ADEAL~ - eBay (item 380307667434 end time Apr-13-11 08:54:23 PDT)

Here is the cable before I modded it

Shaved down one next to the stock one.

Next to Neo Geo Stock cable.

and if your going to go this route I would buy your cables sooner then later… Took me like 6 months to find a classic gameport cable like these, and everyone is over charging for a stock Neo Geo cable.

Oh yeah and here is my Neo Geo Custom…

The wood case is a QCF by Satek… got it off Luckyday.


how did you go about trimming that down?


Basicly you just carefully dremel off the plastic outer housing from the front most part of the connector.

The best way is with a sand wheel.

Just take your time and shave of the outer housing a little at a time.

The right one is the finish product. The right one is the original.

later (if you want too) you can take some fine grit sandpaper and clean up the plug end so it doesn’t look as rough as mine does in the pic.


and you just hack off one of the ends?


No need to take the end off. Use a connector and mount it on your stick case like in the picture I posted, much neater and more possibilities for expansion since you’ll have easy access to the +5v.


You want to buy & solder to a D-sub 15-pin (DB-15) panel mount.