Best way to mod a Madcatz TE X360 stick


what is the best way/easiest way to mod my xbox 360 madcatz tourney stick to work on both xbox360 and PS3?? with not to much soldering since i suck at it and dont have the tool to do it.


i’m also interested in how to pull this off on the 360 version, which i heard it was easier to do on.


easiest way so far.



that has no information whatsoever about a dual mod… read the damn topic.

ShinJN should have some tutorial vids up soon about dual modding a TE


beat me to it


umm, im not modding it like swapping buttons…im modding it so its not restricted to just one system, like i can use my stick for both 360 and ps3 is what i mean…


ok sorry I was going off by the topic. Never read the details lol. But yea I would like to know this also :woot:


I would like to know this 1 too


if you don’t mind soldering once, and drilling a hole in your chord compartment case

step 1) buy a cthulu board (

step 2) solder a wire from the 5v point on the 360 stick and put it into the VCC point in the cthulu board

step 3) make a wire from the proper alignment on the cthulu board to the proper pin in the 360 stick’s terminal strip (make X go to A, O go to B etc) like this

step 4) do the same from step 3 with the ground, only one wire is required from the ground to go to one ground on the terminal strip.

step 5) drill a hole in the chord compartment to let the ps3 chord go through it.

step 6) never plug in both usb ports at once. you will screw yourself over. (i suggest buying a usb sleeve)

step 7) have fun distributing beatdowns without console bias!


Might want to consider reading posts before you hit the reply button. Just a suggestion.


hmm mayb…but i hate soldering like i said earlier, so anyone else can help? if it comes down to it, then i might as well, and i will ask you for advice epy0nkaru


X360 to PS3 adapter and leave the stick in LS mode.

Not a dual mod but it works.

Honestly a X360/PS2 mod is more universal and leaves you with more options for input lag free converters.


edit::: this was the one i plan on getting.

thx dude, this is what i was looking for xD, but will it work perfectly? like it wont break? and then will it read my commands perfectly? like with no lag?? THX



someone close this thread and make the OP search for the proper thread


I experienced some input lag with a HRAP and the XCM cross battle adapter. I personally do not detect any input lag with the TE in LS mode.

Do a search for adapters on this forum and wait for Markman and the others to give a definitive review on the XCM cross battle adapter plus before you make your decision.


nice dude. i take ur advice on it and give it a shot. hope this will work and wont break on me xD and no lag haha:lovin:


how is that fail? :arazz: it’s exactly how i did it and my stick works absolutely fine (even better since it’s got ps2/ps3/360)

if you mean fail for telling him then yeah guilty :sweat: