Best way to mod PS3 stick for PC?


I’ve tried looking around and see a lot of information from up to 4 years ago on this and am hoping someone could tell me how things are now with PS3 stick mods. I have a MVC3 TE stick. Are there better and cheaper options now to do this? I just bought a laptop and my PS3 stick isn’t working on it, getting a VIA USB isn’t really an option since its a laptop. I’ve tried plugging it in the laptop, it shows up in the “set up USB game controller” menu thing but none of the buttons actually register when you press them.


You can always replace the PCB with one that proven to work with your system of choice. Newer Mad Catz TE sticks do not have this issue.


So I could try to find a newer PS3 madcatz PCB and replace it? Where would I go to find one of those and is there really no better dual mod options currently? =/


Zero delay PS3/PC PCB. $10-20 depending on options (and originating location). Toodles Chthulhu PS3/PC ~$30, proven technology, for my money, the best on the market except for: multi console Chthulhu–same as the standard one, but for ten dollars more you get retro console compatibility. If you can find one, akishop PS360+, more expensive, but adds xbox 360 but had less retro functionality.


So between the Cthulu and the PS360+, it looks like you can solder the usb cable into the PS360+ but you need another USB type B cable to plug into the Cthulu? I like that the Cthulu is cheaper but does that mean I’m going to have to drill a hole or something to on my fightstick to get the other end of the USB outside? o.o


Using a usb pass through is the ideal solution in that scenario.


You can also use a long usb cable 13-15 feet. Not as good as a pass through but slightly easier.