Best way to play imports on a PS2?

I’m guessing the answer is to mod it, but are there any other reliable methods of playing imports? I’ve heard of something involving a memory card. Its a slim PS2 if that matters.

No, go with swap magic.

And if you want to play import PSX games also go get Boot Disc Pro.

If the Memory Card thing you refer to is Free McBoot, then that does not play Imports.
Not directly anyway.

If you want to play an Import with Free McBoot, you have to first make a backup of it.
Then you Patch it, and put it on a DVD.
Then you be able to play.

Swap magic, they have it for the first PS2’s and slim line, easy enough to use and works a charm, game saves as well.

Seconding the recommendation for Free McBoot. Don’t ask for help getting games on SRK though.