Best way to play king?



Normally I pick characters that are extremely rush down oriented, but I love king and find that I’m more successful when I slow down and play more of a counter offense style. (excluding mixups after hard knockdowns) an example being block everything into shining wizard, air counter jump ins, shoulder tackle frame traps, jaguar step unsafe pokes. Everything I do is reactionary and my problem is if I don’t guess right I’m screwed. My question is what is the most effective way to play king? Rushdown, defensively, somewhere in the middle?


I’m playing Paul/King and use Paul’s slow/powerful style to play defensively, then tag in King to rush down, then switch again. Keeps the play speed varied.
I get people doing all sorts of crap when they see THE King running at ya lol


Right on I like that method, I’ve been using ibuki/king, and playing king very defensively because I use ibuki aggressively. I like the way you put it, King rushing you down can be scary haha I’ll have to start mixing it up and just go with a very aggressive team style.


I’m personally having very little success with King on point. Seems I can only get pressure going if King is coming from a cross-rush or tag cancel.

If I can land a RJB or EX RASC then I have a pretty good untechable knockdown where I can either safely tag out, store a counter hit or try a safe jump setup. If I guess right on my jump then I’m all in their face and even if they block I still have a good chance to eventually open them up. But if I guess wrong, then they’re out of my pressure and I’m kinda screwed/clueless about what I’m supposed to do.

I have no idea how to get in with King without relying too much on his j.fierce. And when I’m on the defensive I get blown up very easily. I just can’t seem to get pressure off me. I played a Kazuya/Heihachi player earlier today and every time I got knocked down it seemed like I couldn’t do anything. I was forced to take his disgusting mixups evertime. It was a real nightmare…


I got heihachi in the training room and recorded his mix ups, played them back then practiced his counter! Got it down after a bit. That’ll definitely teach em not to corner you. Also heihachis combos are slow enough to Shoulder tackle him away, if lucky on a counter to to get the wall bounce then turn the tide.


I play him in a counter offense way, but I need more rush down.

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hmmmm, will do. gonna try time my Mid Leg Screws while i’m at it. Would be AWESOME if it works out regularly ^_____^


I think I found your problem bro.


Haha i just noticed that too! Anyone for an oxymoron?


haha oh man… I’m an idiot. That is a big problem, let me clarify, I’m terrible at playing reactionary and don’t consistently do the moves that a given situation requires; therefore, I’m looking for alternative ways to play king that don’t require me to always be countering my opponent’s offense.




Nice video.
Definitely king acts on reaction/counter better than a rushdown.


Whore out shoulder tackle like they’re the only buttons you have.