Best way to play ST online without GGPO or Supercade?


Hey there! I still love playing Super Turbo and it’s still my Favorite Game ever. I enjoy playing against both the CPU and online, although thus far, I’ve mostly only been able to play against the CPU because I can’t find a good way to play online:

GGPO and Supercade never work for me, even when I set them up the right way. I have HD Remix for PS3, but I barely find people playing on there. When I do though, they only wanna play HDR not Classic Arcade, and I can never find anyone in a Ranked Match. My only other option is SupARC, but even then, everyone on there only plays Champion Edition and barely any other SF game on the service.

Is there another way? Or am I stuck with HDR and SupARC?


maybe u should try kaillera? does ppl still play ST in supARC?


PM me your Skype ID and we can try get GGPO setup if you like.


You can try direct connecting with people on other services such as Kaillera. But as far as hopping online and finding people who want to play ST, your best bet is still either GGPO or Supercade.

The alternative is to just make friends on the PS3 version of HDR and request to play Classic Mode, in which case:

A bunch of dudes on the FB group play on ps3. Just request to play some matches, don’t be an asshole, and you can hook up with a pretty solid group of players on there.


I would love to play HDR classic on PSN. Post what time you’ll be on and I’ll be there. I’m usually on in the mornings or evenings (9am EST, 4pm EST). GGPO is the best place to play ST tho.


You can always try your luck with X Zone.


btw there is a way to use GGPO P2P, detailed info :