Best way to plink dash?


I have always used the dash/down dash/down method to wavedash. However after recently coming back to marvel I wanted to improve my game, and plink dashing gives you the advantage of being able to dash backwards efficiently and use multiple airdashes quickly in the air. I use L, M, H to dash as I do not have a button bound to L+M, M+H etc. If it is avoidable I would rather not bind a button to dash for me.

What is the most reliable way to plink dash without using a separate dash button? Maximilian’s guide said to use H,M,L but in the Jago’s baby rehab guide he stated using L,M,H in quick succession. However in this guide it appears that you can do Plink dashing using just two buttons in quick succession using some kind of timing.


While I can sort of Plink dash it is far from reliable so any advice before I start trying to get the muscle memory down be appreciated.


Just bind a button, you are just making it harder on yourself for no reason and there isn’t anything wrong with using that method. I plink dashed before using :h:, :m:. I didn’t use :l: at all and I did okay, don’t know who came with the idea that you need 3 buttons to plink dash.

However, if you can use a shortcut to make it easier in a tournament setting, you should be using that method. I mean, everybody can use that method if they want to so there shouldn’t be an excuse (unless your arcade stick has 6 buttons).


I just use 2 buttons


Why are people going to such great lengths to Plink dash?

There’s no need to bind buttons, just use two ATK buttons and a dash.


Well, I didn’t actually bind a button since I use the “b” controller configuration for my arcade stick. I just go from R1 to L1, so it’s not such a great length, It can also be done on a regular controller with the default “a” settings.

Other specific button setups might require you to bind it, but that’s what button checks are for.