Best way to practice blokcing?


hi guys can i ask what is the best way to practice your blocking skills?

  1. Play game.
  2. Don’t press buttons.


Unfortunately, that is what you need to do. Maybe try playing against the CPU for a while, see how long you can get just blocking. See if you can beat that time.


When opponent tries to hit you, move away from them. Wash, rinse, and repeat.


This is the drill that I recommend to people, because most folks don’t have a training partner, and are squeamish about not attacking at all during their online matches. I guess you could be a jackass and try getting a life lead and then turtling up. :wink:


Download the Skullgirls Demo and play the trials / tutorial mode. That’ll test your reactions against mix-ups really well IMO.

This is excellent for learning proper blocking quickly, but what the others have posted is more effective for long-term practice.


Is Skullgirls already available for PC?


No, but Melty Blood (Actress Again: Current Code) is. Its training mode will allow you to record up to 10 separate mixup options and have them be played back at random. It is even better for learning how to block than Skullgirls’ defense trials. Skullgirls does probably have the best “learn to block” features of any game on a current-gen console though.

Oh, and there’s also this:
It just tests reactions to an overhead though.

Also if you try it you might pick up Melty.


Block high for jump ins
Block low for everything else
Learn matchups so you know when to block an overhead (block high, the overhead is usually delayed with a high startup time which gives you enough time to react)


Wrong topic and wrong website, my bad!


Hella experience and character options.
So basically play more.


When you play online or whatver (sf4 AE as an example) when you tech grab, press crouch tech to the rhythm of the block string. and just try to block / tech every block string. You’ll learn discipline and then start figuring out how to block / tech better.


What game are you playing?? I would say I love using the record feature to figure out when moves crossover at certain ranges. But, you gotta know what you’re looking for first. I say watch match videos. Then go hmm… How would I block that? Then go in training mode and test it at different ranges.


Oh thanks, well i play ssf4ae