Best way to practice Crouch Tech? (AE and SFxT)


Now I know that the worst thing you can do under pressure is get impatient and press buttons, but something that always makes me anxious is the feeling that they’re gonna grab me and put me in another mix up situation. It seems that whenever I try crouch tech my timing is just off and I get grabbed anyway, so what is the best way to practice it? Should I make the dummy do specific block strings or can I just practice with jab>jab>jab>jab grab like in the VesperArcade tutorial vid?

And while I’m at it, how vital is crouch tech? Should I just take the grab like a man and deal with whatever on wake up? Thanks in advance.


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You can program the dummy to do blockstring into tick throw and practice timing the crouch tech. Something like jump in,, cr.lp, throw. and then work on the timing. you can get a friend to do a rushdown on you with tick throws and frame traps to punish you if you are mashing crouch tech. get him to empty jump throw, jump in and throw, jump in, 1 jab/2 jab/3 jab, etc into throw. get him to fadc a move into a throw.

And being hard knockdowned is never a good thing.