Best way to practice Jump cancel/air combos?


It’s really late, so I may make ton of grammatical errors while being half-asleep as well as fighting off a cold. I dunno if the terminology I am referring to is correct but I am here to learn.

I am a Not-so-much-of-a newbie-but still a beginner-pad player when it comes to fighting games. Right now, I play mainly air-dashers (If that is what’s called) like Guilty Gear and Blazblue (Though, I prefer GG over BB, but I am thinking BB a try since Chronophantasma Extend and Central Fiction seems very promising). I am currently practicing how to pull off jump cancel/air-combos by setting the dummy to “Jump” state and practicing air-combos that way just to get a feel of it. I would say one of my biggest problem is I cannot pull it off very properly…I kind of mash the up or up-forward direction while pressing the attack buttons while in the air…I did it once or twice but, I feel like I am not doing it properly since I am mashing up-forward and all…Is what I am doing Somewhat correct? Any additional tips or ways to practice is much appreciated!

I look forward to hearing your feedbacks!


Don’t mash the up-direction. Find the timing window for the jump-cancel and only press up when you’re in that part of the animation.

Let’s say I’m playing Ky from Xrd, and want to do a basic air-combo, in this case we’ll use a common air-to-air combo in j.K > j.S > jump cancel > j.S > j.HS > Vapor Thrust as example. Input j.K and j.S first, then wait for j.S to hit, then push up forward, and do the rest of the string. It’ll take some practice, but that’s how fighting games work. Eventually it’ll become second nature.

Also, what character(s) are you playing?


Sorry for the late reply, the cold is getting to me at the moment…

I see, so basically, after two normal inputs (or depending on the animation), you wait for then second one to hit then press up-forward for a Jump cancel. Thanks! As for the Guilty Gear, I only have Accent Core+R for the PS Vita. I wish I could I had the money and the PC to play Xrd…But, I have AC+R to hold me for awhile. I also am thinking about BBCPEX a try since I heard the execution on some characters are “Easier” to pull off and the Challenge mode isn’t too intimidating to do. (Two main reasons why I dropped Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend was due to the Challenge mode being intimidating for a new player like myself to learn combos and such and I didn’t like the fact that you had to be strict on your combos and Jump cancels…But, that’s just me. I am sure people may disagree. But, I felt like I wasn’t learning anything in CSEX and just felt lost.).

The characters I play are: Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Jam Kuradoberi, Order-Sol and Dizzy.

So, to recap:

Find the timing window on certain animations during a normal attack then press up for a cancel. Thanks!