Best way to practice meaty timing?

I keep getting thrown out of what seemingly should be meaty attacks. How should I practice the timing?

Is it possible to make the computer throw on the first frame on wakeup?

Depends on your meaty attack. I would pick a character who has a REALLY bad reversal option and test it out again them. So if you want to practice a low meaty attack, set a Balrog to do wake-up Headbutt, and practice doing low meaty attacks against him. It will work because he has no foot invulnerability, so if you do it right, you’ll hit him first.

Or if you want to practice doing high/mid attacks that are meaty, pick a Dudley or Ibuki and have them do HP/HK uppercut reversals.

Thanks, how about tick throws? A lot of times I’ll get jabbed or something when I attempt one, which I don’t understand because to me it looks like I’m doing it as fast as I can. It’s annoying because I’ll make a good read on someone and get hit anyway.

I’m using Balrog btw.

You’re either doing the tick too fast, too slow, or you’re doing it when you’re already way out of range. Set balrog as your dummy and pick someone else as youown character. Have Balrog walk up, do a cr.jab, and then go for the throw. Run the playback, and after Balrog does his cr.jab (keep in mind your tick throw timing should change depending on whether its a hit or block, test both), mash the living shit out of LP or LK. If you stuff Balrog, you have to adjust the timing of Balrog’s tick. If he throws you, yay, you win. This is also a good way to practice your crouch-techs, and frame traps, etc etc. Experiment and figure it out.