Best way to pull off 360 moves (with controller)


As I said, with a controller. Usually I’m not very good at pulling off any moves that require a 360 motion. The exception to the rule has been Rock Howard in Garou, where I dash and pull off the 360 perfectly every time. But with other characters in other games, I have great difficulty pulling it off at the precise moment. Typically, I do a quick punch or whatever move, input the 360 command, and whatever required punch button, and I can’t quite do it. I’ve tried playing more like Tizoc or Zangief, by punishing players by blocking their attack, then do 360 grab. But it rarely works out for me.

Any advice?

3rd Strike Riddle: 8

Half circle back > up-forward. That’s how its done.

:hcb: > :uf: + :p:

Also, its better to ask in an existing thread for advice. Starting a whole thread to ask how to do a 360 motion is not a good idea.

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Ah, because I always go Up, then counter clockwise back to Up. I’ll try that.


I usually jump and go into a 360 or perform a move or special move into a 360. I play Zangief with it.


Mmm… there’s a way to pull 720 every now and then with pad??


Ever since I learned this worked in SFEX2, I’ve used this shortcut:



Just in case you didn’t know, you can do a 360 as a 270 in most if not all games, so for example, in Garou, you can go from back (for example, when JDing), to down, to forward, to up, or in 3S, when parrying, you can go forward to down to back to up, and you will get the same results.