Best way to punish a whiffed, close SRK?

People with really good execution and timing (and no lag?) can probably punish this with an ultra, but more often than not, I find myself lunging forward and going underneath. When I try to time it a little later, Ryu/Ken recovers then blocks and punishes me. Is there a less risky way to punish other than a sweep or throw/FA-throw?

(I realize I’m probably going to get 50 people saying, “Practice the timing n*gga, you suck,” but whatever.)

cr.FP xx mk.sbk is a really great punish that costs no meter (if you have super you can hit em with that afterward for big dmg)

close standing rh xx ex legs

near corner cr.short x2 xx ex legs -> ultra or if close in the corner juggle with ex sbk if you have no ultra.

If you have the ability cr.fp xx rh or mk legs if mk link to sweep for the knockdown <- great for building stun.

straight up super

There are alot of good ways to punish whiffed srks

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I’m sorry to say it but yes, knowing the timing is essential to punishing whiffs. If you’re online there’s really nothing to be done about it, but the window for punishing is still big enough that you should be able to do it with some practice. You have ages to punish anything but a jab srk.

Sorry about that…guilty as charged.

Thanks for the responses. Lots of awesome suggestions!