Best Way to Record Krec Files

I realize some of this will be foreign to those who haven’t used camtasia, but I am wanting to get my krec files in a format that can watched a bit more easily for learning purposes. I am using camtasia (since fraps appears not to work) and am wondering what the best settings are for recording krec files played back in nfba. Right now I am using 60 frames per second, manual configuration, locking it to application and using full screen as my size.

My questions are:
Should use the “lock to application option”?
Is 60 frames per second a good frame rate for the player? This is what 3s runs at, I am pretty sure.
Should I use a preset size, or use full screen?
What audio settings should I use in order to get sound? (currently vids do not have sound)
(Here is what I have available as sources: MIDI Synth, Auxiliary 2, Line-in 2/ Mic 2, S-PDIF-in, CD-Digital, Analog Mix, Microphone, Wave)

Thanks for any and all help you might give. I know it’s a pretty specific problem, but I am not sure how others are getting their vids in a format that is uploadable to youtube, for example.

I’m using the latest NFBA.

I’m also open to any other suggestions as well as to how to get a krec file into a normal movie (avi, mpeg, etc) file. I have seen others do this, I assume with nfba, and I don’t know how it is done.

Complete credito goes to wakeupsweep for writing this awsome Camtasia guide

My only fee if this works for you will be for you to turn my favorite kreck into a movie format so I can upload it to my YouTube account.

My computer is not beast enough to do it =(

Thanks for that! Truly appreciate it. Put your krec file up here and I will see what I can do. Can’t promise anything, but I’ll give it a shot.

Thanx. If you are able to convert it, it can be just one long one and I’ll try to edit it myself. Thanx again.

Pm me.