Best way to record matches for youtube on SF4 pc?


Sup all. Wondering what would be the best method to do this. Atm, im using xfire to record just championship mode replays, cause it bogs the game too much to do it live. On top of that xfire recordings seem to offsync the sound for some reason. I also have to use windows movie maker(ewwww?) to convert it before youtube will recognize it. Is there a lighter recorder, that could maybe allow me to play at 60 fps and record live? Or maybe even a better way to get the video converted for youtube? Im new as hell to this, so any advice is appreciated.

Also, ive tried out fraps, and its just inadequate for what i need. Its very similar to the system that xfire uses, but it doesnt seem to run quite as well.



Thx, i had heard of that before, but never bothered to try it out. After a quick try it does appear to be very light and not harm game performance. Ill test this out further. Thanks again for the suggestion.



Great! thanks for the links. I’ll get to my director chair and star filming.


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Hey there:
I am pleased to offer you my suggestions and help here.
The question you posed actually is very easy to be handled.
What you need is just a suitable video converter which can help convert any types of videos to other formats like flv, avi, wmv and etc.

Now, as you wanna convert your videos to be played on Youtube, you just need a video converter. According to my own experience, I know that there is a software called **Moyea Video Converter **found via Google is very powerful in converting versatile videos. If you wanna convert your videos to windows movie maker, you just convert the video to avi or wmv. If you want to convert your videos to youtube, you just convert videos to flv or f4v.

I hope this software will be of great help to you!
Warm regards:)


As far as converting video from one format to another I would suggest format factory -

Also don’t forget that a decent cam can do a great job of capturing your footage. All my vids are live captured rather than direct -


are you setting your fraps to 60fps? mine come out sweet… 1280x720 perfect for youtube HD I use powerdirector to convert to WMV9 codec.

wegame sounds cool tho I will try it out…


I don’t have an option for 60 fps on wegame in the preferences. Does it wegame disable that if it thinks your computer is too slow? (2.4 ghz core 2 duo)


I recently started recording my matches but I have an old ass Sony camera. It uses tape (small tape) to record.

So how would I be able to convert or upload that to my PC?



can anyone suggest the best ‘free’ way to record either replay channel matchs or live matchs on pc for sf4, in 2012!
the most suggested was wegame and apparently it got sold and no longer available.



I actually really like XSplit. Great live streaming software with a local recording option in it. There is a free version with base audio codecs.

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