Best way to reduce throw on a stick?

I’ve been tinkering with the JLF Ultimate Mod for a few weeks now, and QuickTite is not keeping the electrical tape in place. I’ve heard that the heat shrink tubing tears and causes friction against the gate. Is there a better way to reduce a stick’s throw, perhaps a modification to the gate itself?

The best way to adjust the throw of a JLF is to not adjust the throw on the JLF. Just get used to the stock stick. You’ll thank yourself later.

Besides, throw on the JLF is pretty moot anyway, given that the engage and throw are different. You don’t have to ride the gate.

Why, is an unmodified JLF considered superior for performance? I’ve got an extra spring in it right now and electrical tape on the actuator (2 layers to shorten the engage, 3 layers to shorten the throw). It seems like the stock JLF has a big dead zone, but I’m relatively new to the nuts and bolts of arcade hardware.

Why would you mod your JLF in the first place?

The dead zone felt too big, the stick felt like it could snap back to neutral a little quicker, and I thought it’d be more comfortable to have a shorter throw. After all this tinkering I have no idea what I want anymore.

He’s the thing: Stock Sanwa JLFs are not one of the arcade standard sticks because they need home depot springs and duct tape to function correctly. There is a trend with American Street Fighter players, especially those new in the SF4 era, to say to themselves, “this isn’t broke, but I want to fix it.”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with stock JLFs. In fact, they’re fucking awesome. You don’t need to go to all these lengths to have a playable stick. It kicks ass right out of the box. The overwhelming majority of the world’s best Street Fighter players who use Japanese sticks use perfectly stock sticks.

If anything, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage being reliant on such mods, especially if you’re considering participating in the tournament scene. At the first tournament I ever attended, the first and second place CvS2 player’s sticks both broke before the match. They both borrowed sticks to play. Imagine if they were really used to some mod; they would have been at a disadvantage using a stock stick.

Does that sound far fetched? This sort of thing is really not that uncommon. Every tournament I’ve ever attended had someone having some sort of problem with their stick. It happens all the time.

The reason a lot of people get arcade sticks is to recreate the arcade experience. It’s not to recreate the arcade experience, then put a bunch of tape and springs on it.

This is basically how I feel about this topic:

Seriously, if people would spend half the time they take to do all these bizarre stick mods in training mode simply developing muscle memory like they rest of us, they would be a lot better off.

I heard the mod you tried to do was really trying to make the JLF more like a Semitsu LS-32, which has a smaller throw and shoter engage.

I think you shoulda just brought a Semitsu =P.


Starcade: Your point is well taken, but what about playing a variety of fighting games? A lot of people seem to consider a game like MvC2 unplayable on a stock JLF.

The majority of US Marvel players have always used American sticks. Modded JLFs have never really been on the radar. So again, I really don’t see the point.

The point is to have a stick that is balanced to play a wide variety of fighting games well.

The stock JLF is already that.

Sure, the Marvel community doesn’t view them as ideal for MvC2, but the Marvel community doesn’t view a modded JLF as that much better, frankly. Duct tape mods and springs aren’t going to address many of the reasons why Marvel fans like US style sticks and buttons. If you’re really, really serious about getting into Marvel, you should consider picking up a US stick for it. Otherwise, Japanese sticks are perfectly fine for it. What level of a MvC2 player are you currently? What are your goals with it?

Also, Marvel is just one game. You won’t really find another game in the Capcom/SNK scene with such specific tastes. Stock JLFs are just fine for all the rest.

Why is the US stick considered superior for MvC2 though? Is it the quicker engage points, the stiff tension, or just a personal comfort issue (since the arcade machines had US sticks)? I was just reading an essay on slagcoin about various joystick models, and it makes a very good case that American sticks are built to be cheap and durable rather than fast or precise, and shouldn’t be used for anything by a serious player.

You’d have to ask a Marvel player. Regardless, that’s a pretty peculiar opinion to be posted at Slagcoin considering the top 8 in marvel finals almost always are all using US stuff.

But anyway, unless you’re–like I said–super serious about becoming a top tier Marvel player, I wouldn’t even worry about it.

best way to short throw on JLF
cut shaft 7mm, make new thread of a screw,
or simple method - use namco/old Hori shaft and actuator
you get 1mm short throw and harder spring 20-30g

electric tape on actuator is best stupid thing on world (other stupid thing is Cherry KWJ on JLF), tube term work better but this still sucks.

best way: sell your JLF buy LS-32 or JLW -throw only 5,5-6mm
JLF (and all other stick) is not for all, if you not like throw/feeeling/spring/ sell this buy different joystick.

I think the option there would be to get the JLF round or octogate… nothing to do with the throw IMHO. I use a Happ, and I suck at MVC2, but I can use charge characters in SF, no issues. Its all in what you like and are used to. Practice, practice, practice!

An octo gate actually makes the throw longer.

I agree with Starcade 100% on people modding their sticks. I also feel the same way about people modding TE sticks. The TE stick is one of the best sticks ever manufactured and yet new people still want to mod them without realizing the functional stock parts are pretty much the best you can get. The only things you’d want to change are based on personal preferences (and console compatibility) and that’s pointless if you don’t know what your preferences are.

Could you reduce the diameter of the hole its poking thru by a mm or 2, as long as the microswitches touch? You’d be left with a circular gate though, have wondered this myself and wouldnt mind an answer…

yes, but… The corners remain the same, and the UDLR directions are extended slightly to match that of the corners. On a square gate stick, the corner throw is longer than the UDLR directions.

I was just referring to somebody that wanted a Happ like stick in a sanwa, and that is probably as close as it gets.

This thread may interest you

Looks like plastic tube is a much better way to decrease throw on a JLF than electrical tape or heat shrink tubing.

@Starcade RIP: I diagree. My philosophy is to use whatever stick is most comfortable. For this thread’s OP, it looks like he would like the feel of a Seimitsu (perhaps an LS-40) better than a stock JLF. If a modded JLF feels better and works better for him than a stock JLF, why should he force himself to use the standard? Isn’t this the whole point of a custom stick in the first place? To use the parts and layout we’re most comfortable with? I don’t see how this idea shouldn’t extend to the internals of the stick itself.