Best way to reduce throw on a stick?

I got an Octo gate for my JLF, thinking that since I main a shoto and use a back-up 'Gief, a roundish gate would be a better fit. After three days of playing and sucking, I swapped my square gate back in and haven’t looked back.

Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to play around… but don’t be surprised if you find yourself going back!

I just wish I would be able to try out vf4 evo on the ps2 with the square gate when my TE arrives (got posted today), but the mc cthulu project looks a bit too much for me at the moment so I guess I’m out of luck for now. I predict I’ll get used to a square gate rather quickly.

I think most people tend to mod there TE sticks to change up the color scheme and the artwork (witch on the te sticks sucked hard ). I put the parts from my TE stick out the first day I bought it, I put them in my SE case. Will be replacing the TE with the same Sanwa buttons (new color) but I’m going to try the LS-32 . My first stick I got made for me accidentally shipped with a square gate (it was suppose to be the octo) so I got the octo shipped. In the meantime I played wiyh the square gate., when I got the octo I played for maybe 2 days, I had to switch bacck to the square. Been hooked on the square since. I could see using the JLF mod if you were using an octo. The throw on he square is perfect. I will prollbably try the circle gate for LS-32 just for the hell of it.

Don’t seimetsu sticks have less throw than Sanwas any ways?