Best way to relearn old games?


I’ve taken a interest to relearn older Capcom games like MvC, MvC2, X-men vs Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Alpha 3 but all the boards for these games seem to be dead. Besides Youtube what would be a good website to learn combos, and strategies for this game?


for vsav you should join the discord and get ya booty in fightcade =3


Thanks. Do you know the other discord rooms for the other games?


I do not, but I do know that a lot of people in vsav discord play a wide range of capcom games, and can point you in the right directions.


Thanks @StoneDrum


For marvel 2 at least just jump into that subforum here. I recommend starting with the stickies on the character specific boards. That’s where I learned about the rom, AHVB and fast fly back in the day.

Also is still a fantastic resource. Definitely watch some old tournament matches if you’re unfamiliar with team composition or a major character’s gameplan.