Best way to remove art on Fightstick PRO?


What were the different or best ways you guys used to remove the art on the pro stick.
And what did you use to put new art on?
I know about plexis, but I also want to know what everyone used.


Removal: Just go at one of the corners with your fingernails and you should be able to peel the whole thing off with your hands. After that you can unscrew the top panel and use Goo-Gone etc. to remove the remaining adhesive.

Application: I applied a 3M carbon vinyl decal to my top panel. Apply to top panel, use scissors to cut out outline of top panel. Then place top panel back on the base, peel back the decal to put in screws. Your decal/art/lamilabel will have to be sturdy enough to withstand the re-peel.


If you want to save the artwork then do not do what chicken told you and hair dry the adhesive for a clean peel. If you don’t care about the original artwork then do what chicken said but I recommend coming in with a flathead screwdriver to help you out. (You will also need to have your buttons and balltop off for this process) If you have a regular artwork print with a Plexi then just slap it on with the screws. If you have a Lami Label, then stick it on.


I was thinking about the goo-gone because I think I saw it mentioned somewhere, but wasn’t sure.

I also was thinking of using a hair dryer because I’ve seen it used in other situations, but I just wanted someone to confirm it. Thanks.
Think I’ll go hair dryer and use a plexi. Would I still need goo-gone?


No. The Artwork should come clean off after you apply a good amount of heat.