Best way to spread yourself out?

Ok, I have different friends who play different fighters, so I like to play several. Two focuses probably being MK, and MvC3. but I also have Tekken 6 and SF4:AE.

Whats the best way to go about improving all of them, without comprimising the work done on the others? My friend said to focus on MK and get good because of it’s relatively simple learning curve, and then sort of branch from there? But I’ve already put some serious time into MvC3, and more of my friends play that so I feel I should keep at it more.

I’m sure most of you play multiple games how to you stay on top?

I tried to keep up with both SF and BlazBlue but that didn’t pan out. In the end I had to take a lengthy break in order to get back in the mood of playing fighting games again. My advice would be to choose one that you like, get good at it, then branch out. One thing good about the genre is that most of the fundamentals can be applied to most of the game that release during the course of time. So choose a game, develop fundamentals, then choose another one, if you really want to do that. My personal opinion is that you ought to focus on one game, else you’ll be a “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

Meh, I found this to be incredibly hard myself; playing multiple fighting games. Especially when the games in question have different core mechanics. I tried to play both Street Fighter and Melty Blood, but I had issues. Accidentally trying to block midair in SF, screwing up link timings, or doing combos too slow in MB (getting used to SF’s pace). I just quit MB altogether to focus on SF. True, I was an utter noob back then, but still…trying to play multiple fighting games on a solid level seriously cuts the time available for said games. And time’s already scarce as it is.

But hey, if you play nothing more than fighting games, you can do it. For me, as a beginner musician and a PC gamer with a wide horizon of interests in multiple genres, it’s downright impossible, lol.

The similar part is that when online it’s player versus player. Technically my mind set is the same throughout and pretty much just roll with it. I look at a fighting game and I only see the important stuff and that is options, speed and range. I’d say MvC3 took the longest, requiring 3 characters and stupid long combos, to some people it’s not worth it.