Best way to use an Xbox One controller on PS4?


whats the best way to use a Xbox one controller on a ps4? i just pre-ordered an elite controller (Insert pad user joke here) and id like to use it for street fighter 5 as well as killer instinct.

Edit: I should mention i own a titan one, but those are terrible with PS4.


Honestly there isn’t.
Something like a arcade fightstick can be dual modded, pads can be dual modded as well but its much harder to do.
(space constants makes this tough, you can also lose out on Analog) Please note I yet to see a PS4 pad gets dual-modded yet.

There really isn’t any good converters on the market.
If you had a xbox 360 or PS3 controller you wanted to use I would say build a adapter using a PS4 game pad and a UD USB encoder.


you can’t use UD usb with any ol’ pad?