Best Way to use standing HK?



Hey all,

Another newbish question. I’m trying to figure how how best to use Bison’s standing HK. I feel like I see top players using this button a lot, but every time I use it I get counterhit, and I’m trying to figure out what to do.

From a glance, it seems difficult to use. The range is only slightly longer than standing LP/LK, but it’s a 9 frame startup. That means my opponent has a good 5-6 frame window to hit a light button in time to counterhit me. I know that isn’t a react-able time frame, but if I’m close enough to use this move, then they are probably planning to use a light or throw anyway.

However, the benefits are awesome if it hits. I am thinking maybe I should only be using this move as a follow-up to pressure? If I ended with a move that is +3, then they only have a 2 or 3 frame window to use a light button. And at that point they are taking a serious risk, because if I followed up with crouching MP instead they are going to get counterhit.

Do you guys have any rules of thumb about when to throw out the standing HK? Thanks for any advice!


I really only use it when pressuring the opponent and or during a shimmy. For example, press st lp so the opponent blocks, walk back a little, then press st hk. Sometimes I’ll pause and throw a second one to catch them flinching after the first one, but this’ll lose to people mashing buttons.

You can also preemptively throw it out at further ranges to stuff an opponent’s further reaching normals. For example I’ll throw it out in the Sim match up to crush counter his long limbs.


And also I use it for certain meaties


Well… hitting that move is pretty much THE objective in a match, when you play Bison. And even on block it is to your advantage. So keep the knee rising and get ready to sit down for a nice punch in the gut. :slight_smile:

I dont know if there really is a particularly bulletproof way to set up a HK. All you can do is try to hit it and hope they are not blocking when they should and could.

I think I use it far too less. Instead I tend to use 2 or 3 MPs followed by shadow axe (such nonsense)… hoping he gets fed up by blocking all those MPs. Less MPs + HK instead of shadow axe would be the far better option. Just need to get that habit out.