Best way to utilize abel's Roll effectively

Abel’s roll is probably his most important move ONLY if you know how to use it right. for me tho, it seems like everytime i roll into or behind the opponent, i get thrown. either that, or i cant connect and get countered. is it becuz my timing is off or im just not doing it right?

Well after a TT, you can do a dash forward and then a medium roll, and timed correctly you can get a meaty jab in there and start another block string/mix up. The trick, is to stop being predictable with rolls. If your opponent is doing nothing but moving back and forth at a certain distance, or something similar, its relatively easy to roll and get thrown. Maybe try rolling and ending up short and baiting a throw attempt if you’re gutsy… but a good poke like Ryu’s will stuff you on your recovery any time.

Be crafty with your rolls, and use them at times that will throw off your opponent’s timing… or at least surprise them a little. The roll is a great tool, but it’s not something that should be abused.